Quel est le processus d'installation d'un climatiseur mural?
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What is the process of installing a wall mounted air conditioner?

The Installation Process for Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners: A Detailed Guide

At AirGreen, we understand that staying cool in Montreal’s hot summers is a top priority. A wall-mounted air conditioner is an efficient, effective way to achieve this. As a trusted HVAC company, we specialize in the sale and installation of these units. In this article, we will detail the comprehensive installation process, helping you understand what to expect when you choose AirGreen for your cooling needs.

An Overview of Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners

A wall-mounted air conditioner is a compact cooling solution that's installed directly onto your wall. It's highly efficient, economical, and perfect for cooling specific zones in your home or office. Unlike heat pumps, these units focus solely on cooling, making them an ideal choice for the Montreal climate where the main focus in the summer is to escape the heat.

The Installation Process

Initial Consultation

The installation journey begins with an initial consultation. Our experts assess your space to determine the best location for the unit and the capacity needed to cool your area effectively. We consider factors such as the size and orientation of the room, the number of windows, and your specific cooling requirements.

Unit Selection

Based on the assessment, we recommend a wall-mounted air conditioner that fits your needs. At AirGreen, we offer a broad range of top-quality units from renowned brands, ensuring you have a unit that is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Installation Day


On the day of installation, our professional team arrives at your home with all the necessary tools and the selected unit. They start by marking out the area where the unit will be installed.

Installing the Indoor Unit

Our technicians create a hole in the wall to accommodate the refrigerant and drainage lines. Then, they mount a metal plate that will hold the indoor unit.

Setting Up the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit, also known as the condenser, is positioned at a suitable location outside your home, usually on a concrete pad. This unit is connected to the indoor unit through the refrigerant and drainage lines.

Connection and Testing

Finally, the indoor and outdoor units are connected. After ensuring a secure connection, the system is powered on and tested for proper operation.


Once the unit is up and running, our technicians walk you through the basics of operation and maintenance. We also answer any questions you might have about your new wall-mounted air conditioner.

Why Choose AirGreen?

  • Experienced Technicians: Our team comprises seasoned HVAC professionals with the knowledge and experience to carry out quality installations.
  • Customer Satisfaction: At AirGreen, your satisfaction is our primary concern. We ensure that you're pleased with our services from consultation to post-installation.
  • Quality Units: We offer only top-quality units from trusted manufacturers.
  • Thorough Service: Our installation process is comprehensive and meticulous, ensuring you get the most out of your wall-mounted air conditioner.

Choosing a wall-mounted air conditioner can drastically improve your comfort during Montreal's hot summers. By understanding the installation process, you can make informed decisions and experience a smooth transition to a cooler, more comfortable environment.

When it comes to HVAC and wall-mounted air conditioner installations in Montreal, trust AirGreen to deliver unparalleled service and quality. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a cooler summer.