AirGreen Warranty: Unparalleled After-Sales Service for Your Comfort and an Extended 10-10-10 Warranty

At AirGreen, we are aware that choosing the right heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for your home or business is essential to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. That's why we are proud to offer you a unique extended 10-10-10 warranty on EVERYTHING: 10 years for the compressor, 10 years for parts, and most importantly, 10 years for labor! This exceptional warranty comes directly from the manufacturer or Prime Assurance, meaning it will follow your equipment, regardless of market changes. As a result, you will always be assured of receiving fast, high-quality service for 10 years.

Our philosophy is based on two essential pillars to ensure our clients' peace of mind: rapid access to replacement parts and responsive, honest technical support.

Fast and Reliable Replacement Parts

We understand that when an issue arises with your HVAC system, it is crucial to resolve the problem quickly, especially during the cold winter months or the hot summer months. That's why we have established strong partnerships with trusted brands that guarantee fast supply of high-quality replacement parts, without making our customers wait for months.

Fast and Honest Technical Support

As a Montreal-based company, we take pride in offering local, responsive after-sales service. Our team of HVAC experts is always ready to answer your calls and address any issues that may arise. We are committed to providing accurate diagnoses and never charging hidden fees for repairs covered by the warranty.

The extended 10-10-10 warranty is exclusive to customers whose installation is carried out by AirGreen Inc. professionals. Trust our expertise to guide you in choosing the brand that offers the best after-sales service for your HVAC system. Do not hesitate to contact us for personalized advice on the most reliable and best-suited brands for your specific needs or for more details on our exceptional warranty.

Our AirGreen warranty ensures exceptional after-sales service, quickly accessible replacement parts, honest technical support, and an extended 10-10-10 warranty. To learn more about our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction, contact us today.