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Is a wall-mounted air conditioner noisy?

Is a Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner Noisy? A Comprehensive Guide by AirGreen

At AirGreen, Montreal's leading HVAC company, we understand that a quiet environment contributes significantly to the comfort of your home. Wall-mounted air conditioners, known for their cooling efficiency, are frequently chosen for their compact design and ease of installation. But are they noisy? In this extensive guide, we will delve into the subject of noise levels in wall-mounted air conditioners.

Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners: An Introduction

Wall-mounted air conditioners are a popular choice for their targeted and efficient cooling capabilities. They are mounted directly on the wall, offering a compact and space-saving cooling solution for specific areas in your home. Unlike heat pumps that offer both heating and cooling, these units focus solely on cooling, which is a considerable advantage during the hot summers in Montreal.

Are Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners Noisy?

The noise level of a wall-mounted air conditioner can vary significantly based on several factors:

Quality of the Unit

High-quality air conditioners, like those offered by AirGreen, typically have lower noise levels. These units are designed with noise-reducing technologies that ensure quiet operation.

Age and Maintenance of the Unit

Over time, and without regular maintenance, air conditioners can become noisier. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep noise levels down by ensuring that all components are working smoothly.


Proper installation is key to minimizing noise. A poorly installed unit can vibrate, causing unnecessary noise. At AirGreen, our professional technicians ensure proper installation to minimize noise and maximize efficiency.

How Noise is Measured

Noise is measured in decibels (dB). Most wall-mounted air conditioners operate at noise levels between 25 to 50 dB, which is quieter than a conversation at home and similar to the noise level of a humming fridge. However, it's worth noting that noise perception can be subjective and what is quiet for one person may be noisy for another.

What AirGreen Does to Ensure Quiet Operation

At AirGreen, we prioritize your comfort, which includes maintaining a quiet environment in your home. Here's what we do:

Offer High-Quality Units

We offer top-of-the-line wall-mounted air conditioners from trusted manufacturers. These units are designed with advanced technology that ensures quiet operation.

Proper Installation

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience installing wall-mounted air conditioners. They ensure the unit is installed correctly, minimizing potential noise from vibrations.

Regular Maintenance

We provide regular maintenance services to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. Regular maintenance helps to prevent issues that can lead to increased noise levels.

Noise-Reducing Tips

We provide tips to help you reduce any potential noise from your air conditioner. These may include adding sound-absorbing materials around the unit or considering strategic placement of the unit.

In Conclusion

While wall-mounted air conditioners do make some noise, it is usually minimal and often unnoticed during everyday activities. The quality, maintenance, and installation of the unit play significant roles in the noise level. With a high-quality unit, proper installation, and regular maintenance, you can enjoy a cool, comfortable, and quiet environment in your home.

AirGreen is dedicated to ensuring that your wall-mounted air conditioner serves your cooling needs while preserving the tranquility of your home. With our high-quality products, professional installation, and dedicated service, you can trust us with your cooling needs in Montreal.