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Ductless Mini Split Systems: Advantages and Disadvantages

What are Mini Split Heat Pumps?

Also known as a ‘highwall’ system, a mini split heat pump can condition and heat the air in a room or a series of rooms mainly by blowing in cold/warm air.

A ductless mini split system works to supply cooling and heating to a single room or to a much larger area of a home, even up to whole dwellings. However, it may be necessary to opt for a multi-zone mini split if you require several areas to be heated and cooled.

It is one of the preferred choices of homeowners and constructors because of its many advantages compared to other types of air conditioning and heating.

One of ductless mini split systems’ greatest advantages is their higher SEER ratings relative to other types of systems.

The small size of the units allows for greater flexibility for heating and cooling individual rooms and do not require much interior wall space to be installed. It is the ideal option for cooling and heating homes where ductwork is not available and is challenging to install.

Mini split systems’ flexibility also mean that the exterior compressor may be placed farther away from the interior unit and space. The compressor does not necessarily have to be on the other side of the wall where the indoor unit is placed (unlike PTAC or window air conditioners). Finally, the exterior hoses can be discreetly covered by metallic casings to look more like drainpipes.

Mini split heat pumps consist of an internal, wall mounted component that matches an external component known as its compressor. The indoor and outdoor components are connected by two small refrigerant pipes and by electrical cables.

This type of system requires neither a slot to be built into the wall, nor as much space as window units typically require. They can heat and cool a series of rooms with relatively low installation costs and provide a much more aesthetic solution to homeowners heating and cooling needs. Split air systems hence represent a cost-effective and efficient solution to create a much more comfortable and productive home or work setting. For these reasons among others, mini split heat pumps are extremely popular among homeowners and building developers.

Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioners

Although they appear identical to simple air conditioners, heat pumps use a reverse-cycle split technology to enable a heating mode. When in cooling mode, the mini split will blow cold air indoors and suck warm air outdoors. In heating mode, it works in reverse and extracts heat from the air outside to send it inside. In Quebec especially, a heat pump hence represents a much more cost-effective option to tackle both heating and cooling needs for year-round comfort. Especially since heat pumps do not cost much more, while they are subsidized by various provincial and federal programs. So in the end, it is more economical to opt for the heat pump instead of air conditioning only.


Multi-Zone (Multi-Split) Systems

A multi-zone mini split is not very different from a standard single-zone wall-mounted heat pump. It has the ability to cool and heat multiple areas and rooms in a large home. This is achieved by pairing multiple interior units to one exterior compressor.

This option can often be ideal when a home’s physical layout does not allow air to flow efficiently and evenly to all parts of a home, such as when there are several large-area floors to supply. Each indoor unit can be controlled independently and even be set to different temperatures.

Advantages of a mini split system:

  • Low installation costs compared to other solutions
  • Simple installation
  • Wide array of energy efficient models
  • Relatively silent to operate
  • Inexpensive to operate
  • Aesthetic advantages: simple and elegant solution
  • Cost-effective supply of heating and cooling


Disadvantages of a mini split system:

  • Certain multi-story apartments may make it too complicated to connect the compressor to the indoor units or to the electric panel, but such cases are rare. Our technicians can usually find and suggest an ideal solution even in complex dwellings.
  • In the event of a breakage, it is difficult to find a company in Greater Montreal to take care of the repair. This is why we suggest that all our customers opt for an extended 10-year warranty on labor! In the end, it always costs less.

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