Deux-Montagnes : Permits and Regulations | Heat pump or air conditioning unit

Deux-Montagnes : Permits and Regulations | Heat pump or air conditioning unit

City of Deux-Montagnes : Get a permit to install a heat pump or air conditioning unit

Dear Residents of the City of Deux-Montagnes,

We are AirGreen, your trusted partner in the field of heating and air conditioning in Montreal. We are delighted to serve you in your beautiful borough of Deux-Montagnes.

Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Installation in Deux-Montagnes

In Deux-Montagnes, the good news is that no permit is required for the installation of heat pumps or air conditioners. This simplifies the process and accelerates the implementation of your thermal comfort system.

Key Points to Consider:

  • Noise Nuisance: It is imperative to respect the well-being of all. Thus, any installed equipment, whether it be a heat pump, air conditioner, pool filter, or generator, must not emit noise exceeding 55 decibels. This measurement should be taken at the property line and 1.5 meters above ground level.

  • Client Responsibility: Although the installation of these devices does not require a permit, it is your responsibility as a client to ensure that your installation complies with the rules in force. This includes obtaining agreement from your neighbors when necessary. At AirGreen, we are here to guide and assist you in these steps, but the final responsibility rests with you, unless otherwise stipulated in our contract.

  • Our Commitment: AirGreen is at your disposal to provide expert advice and professional service for the installation of heat pumps and air conditioners. We will help you choose the equipment that best suits your needs while complying with the noise and safety standards established by the City of Deux-Montagnes.

Why Choose AirGreen?

  • Local Expertise: Our deep knowledge of the specific regulations in Deux-Montagnes allows us to offer you a tailored service that complies with local legislation.

  • Continuous Guidance: We do not leave you alone in your procedures. Our team is here to guide you at each step, from equipment selection to its installation, including compliance with noise nuisance standards.

  • Quality Customer Service: Your satisfaction is our priority. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service, with clear and transparent communication.

In Conclusion

The installation of heat pumps and air conditioners in Deux-Montagnes is facilitated by the absence of permit requirements. However, compliance with noise standards and communication with your neighbors are essential for a hassle-free installation. AirGreen is by your side to assist and guide you in these steps, while offering professional service attentive to your needs.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, do not hesitate to contact AirGreen. We are here to answer all your questions and accompany you in your heat pump or air conditioner installation project in Deux-Montagnes.

Looking forward to serving you soon,

The AirGreen Team


This section has been prepared solely for the convenience of the reader and has no official or legal value. No warranty is offered as to the accuracy of the text. For all legal purposes, the reader should consult the official version of the by-law and each of its amendments or obtain a copy by contacting the City's clerk office.