Grant for an ENERGY STAR® Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Grant for an ENERGY STAR® Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Designed to optimize your peace of mind and your comfort, the smart thermostat is an effective way to better regulate your energy consumption, and therefore to save some money. Connected to a wireless network (Wi-Fi), this new thermostat will allow you to remotely control your air conditioning or heating system via a mobile application or a web portal on your smart phone. You don't even have to be at home, you can control everything remotely.

Some benefits of a smart thermostat:

The amount of energy consumed by a Quebec household depends on several elements, including climatic conditions, the number of occupants, the age and size of the dwelling, or the price of fuel. In Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec, heating alone accounts for 64% of total household energy consumption. Once properly programmed, your smart thermostat will allow you to reduce your energy consumption throughout the year. This translates into direct savings of money on your bills! Easy to use, Wi-Fi smart thermostats adapt to the lifestyle of the occupants, which provides comfort, flexibility and saves energy and therefore money.

Énergir customers in Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec who purchase and install a Wi-Fi smart thermostat are eligible for a discount of up to $100 when participating in the grant program (note that the rebate cannot however exceed 75% of the cost of the device).

Eligibility conditions (one thermostat per customer):

  • In Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec, you must be an Énergir customer or be in the process of becoming one;
  • Occupy a residential building (single-family home, duplex, triplex or condo) whose main heating is natural gas;
  • Purchase and install, through an Énergir certified natural gas partner or yourself, a Wi-Fi smart thermostat that is part of the list of eligible ENERGY STAR® certified models recognized by Énergir;
  • The thermostat in question must be connected to a natural gas central heating system;
  • The thermostat in question must also be connected to a local wireless data transmission network (Wi-Fi) allowing remote control of the air conditioning and heating system;
  • You must absolutely submit your grant application within 30 days of the purchase date indicated on the invoice for your ENERGY STAR® qualified Wi-Fi smart thermostat.

Click here to see the list of eligible ENERGY STAR® qualified models.

Tips when installing:

  • For warranty compliance and your safety, installation must be performed according to the ENERGY STAR® qualified Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat manufacturer's specifications.
  • Before purchasing your smart thermostat, you must ensure that it is compatible with your current air conditioning and heating system.
  • Note that you have 30 days after the date of purchase indicated on your invoice to submit your subsidy application to Énergir. 

Visit the website of the Grant Program for an ENERGY STAR® qualified Wi-Fi smart thermostat managed by Énergir for all the information concerning the eligibility conditions and the procedures to follow to be eligible for the subsidy in Greater Montreal and throughout the country. Quebec. For more details, please contact Énergir directly at 1-800-875-6202 or with us at 514-316-2973.

We recommend that you also directly contact Énergir for all your questions. Government grant programs are constantly changing, and it is very important to get your information from the primary source. There is a complete team at Énergir who is there to answer all your questions in order to help you access all of their programs. Check with AirGreen for the latest program updates.

Consult the other programs offered by the Government of Canada or the Government of Quebec to ensure that you take full advantage of all the grants and subsidies that are available to you. There are several and the more you inform yourself, the more you will save!