Efficient Heat Pump Grant Program by Hydro-Québec



The Efficient Heat Pump Program provides easy access to financial assistance for the installation of an ENERGY STAR® certified wall-mounted or central heat pump in the Greater Montreal area and throughout Quebec. Financial assistance from Hydro-Québec can go up to $2,800, which you will receive by cheque through Canada Post. In order to have access to the program, it is necessary to choose and install a model from the list of eligible heat pumps. The application for financial assistance must be submitted no later than six months after the date of installation of the heat pump.

It is the simplest, fastest, and most popular program. Simply make sure that the wall-mounted or central heat pump you have chosen is on Hydro-Québec's list of ENERGY STAR® certified efficient heat pumps and that you meet the program's eligibility requirements. The conditions are quite broad, most of our customers are eligible. Following the installation of your efficient heat pump, all you have to do is complete the financial assistance application online directly on the Hydro-Québec website.

As a final step, Hydro-Québec sends you a cheque by mail (non-taxable).

Apply for financial assistance in five (5) quick and easy steps:

  • Step 1 — Choose an ENERGY STAR® certified wall-mounted or central heat pump on our website and indicated as eligible for financial assistance from Hydro-Québec. It is imperative for homeowners to note that not only must the mini split or central system appear on the list of eligible heat pumps, the company that installs it in your home must also have all its certifications to be able to carry out the work and give you a valid warranty. It is therefore necessary to choose a heat pump and a company that are both recognized by Hydro-Québec.
  • Step 2 — Have the necessary information and documents on hand (see the list in the Participant's Guide to Hydro-Québec's ENERGY STAR® Efficient Heat Pump Program). It is very important to get informed before buying and installing your wall-mounted or central heat pump. 
  • Step 3 — Complete the financial assistance application online directly on the Hydro-Québec website. It's very simple, it should only take a few minutes. The most important thing is to have a photo of the interior unit of the mini-split (the head) and a second photo of the exterior unit of the heat pump (the compressor). In addition, make sure you receive a valid invoice for installation work from a company that has all its RBQ HVAC permits.
  • Step 4 — Once you apply, Hydro‑Québec will assess the request and, if applicable, inform you of the terms and conditions relating to the RL-27 slip. Currently, the request processing period is ten (10) to twelve (12) weeks in the Greater Montreal area and throughout Quebec.
  • Step 5 — Finally, Hydro‑Québec sends you a cheque with your financial assistance by Canada Post. It's that simple! There is absolutely no required visit from a government technician, everything is done online.

Choose an efficient ENERGY STAR® certified mini split and take advantage of financial assistance of up to $2,800.

Click here to see the list of ENERGY STAR® qualified heat pumps eligible for financial assistance from Hydro-Québec (Updated February 6, 2023).

Click here to view the Hydro-Québec ENERGY STAR® Efficient Heat Pump Program Participant Guide (Updated December 2022).

Visit the Hydro-Québec Efficient Heat Pump Program website for further information concerning the eligibility conditions and the procedures to follow to be entitled to the subsidy in Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec, or contact us for more details at 514-316-2973.

If you have any questions about the Efficient Heat Pump Program, please call the program’s support line at 1 833 396-1888 or write to info@thermopompeefficace.ca. In our experience, they respond quite quickly, and the wait time over the phone is not too long. It is always best to call the program managers directly since the criteria for the program are constantly changing. Hydro-Québec makes several updates, often during a same year. However, the employees who answer the phone or emails are very professional and can give you several useful tips that will help you save a lot of time and money! In addition, at AirGreen, we are always happy to answer your questions on the various grant programs available to Montrealers and Quebecers.

Consult the other programs offered by the Government of Canada or the Government of Quebec to ensure that you take full advantage of all the grants and subsidies that are available to you. There are several and the more you inform yourself, the more you will save!