Supplement for low-income households

Supplement for low-income households

Énergir currently offers in Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec an additional subsidy for low-income households. This assistance can be up to double the amount of the grant usually offered under Énergir's energy efficiency programs! The calculation of the amount offered obviously varies according to the financial situation of the household.

Eligibility conditions:

  1. You must live in Greater Montreal or elsewhere in Quebec and be an Énergir customer or in the process of becoming one.
  2. You must be:
  • Low-income owner of a condo or single-family home
  • Owner of a single-family home, condo, duplex or triplex occupied by one or more low-income tenants.
  1. You must participate in one of Énergir's energy efficiency programs offered in Greater Montreal or elsewhere in Quebec:
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Condensing boiler
  • Condensing combo
  1. Your household income must be at or below the income threshold indicated in the table below or rent one or more units to low-income households eligible for the component.


Owners of buildings with 4 or more units with low-income tenants, as well as housing cooperatives and NPOs can also benefit from the MFR program. Go to the program's webpage.

If you are a low-income homeowner:

  • For low-income owners of a single-family home, duplex or triplex, the additional assistance from Énergir doubles the financial assistance offered to Quebecers. For the smart thermostat program, for example, the supplemental assistance is $220.

  • For example, this is how the additional financial assistance is calculated for a low-income homeowner in Montreal who is entitled to $900 in financial assistance for the purchase and installation of an approved condensing boiler ENERGY STAR®.


If you are a landlord and have low-income tenants:

  • In this case, in Quebec, the additional amount of the subsidy is determined according to the energy efficiency program in which you participate. It also considers the percentage of low-income households that live in the building. For example, if you currently have two low-income households living in a building with a total of 3 units, the basic financial assistance will be increased by 66%. This supplement is then divided between the owner of the building (40% of the supplement) and the low-income households who live in the building (60% of the supplement). Here is how financial assistance would be calculated:

  • Here is an example of how the additional financial assistance would be calculated for an owner who is entitled to $900 in financial assistance for the installation and purchase of a condensing boiler if 2 of his 3 dwellings are currently occupied by low-income households.


For more details on the program for low-income households in Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec, carefully read the Participant's Guide. You will find all the necessary information there, such as the description and objectives of the program, as well as the eligibility criteria, the amount of the subsidies, and the stages of completion. Click here to view the Participant's Guide (revised December 1, 2022).


Visit the website of the grant program for low-income households managed by Énergir for all the information concerning the eligibility conditions and the procedures to follow to be entitled to the subsidy in Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec, or communicate directly with Énergir at 1-800-875-6202 or with us at 514-316-2973 for more details.

We strongly advise all our customers to also consult government experts directly about any questions they may have. Since the programs can change several times a year, the advisers of each program are the best contacts to ensure that you obtain the maximum amount of subsidy to which you are entitled. You can also always with AirGreen for the latest program updates.

Consult the other programs offered by the Government of Canada or the Government of Quebec to ensure that you take full advantage of all the grants and subsidies that are available to you. There are several and the more you inform yourself, the more you will save!