Commercial dehumidifier: SECARR SDA SDAF-012 from THERMOPLUS AIR

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DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 29 x 23 x 18

SECARR SDA SDAF-012 by THERMOPLUS AIR: Comprehensive Product Description

Welcome to the extensive product description of the SECARR SDA SDAF-012, one of the standout offerings in our commercial dehumidifier lineup at AirGreen. A crucial asset for maintaining an ideal indoor environment, this unit is suitable for light commercial and residential dehumidification applications, making it perfect for a variety of spaces including greenhouses, restaurants, warehouses, and storage facilities.

Compact Powerhouse

The SECARR SDA SDAF-012, though compact, is a powerful and versatile dehumidifier with a range of 5.5 LBS/HR TO 26.5 LBS/HR. This product is more than just a dehumidifier; it is a comprehensive indoor packaged R410A dehumidification unit, complete with optional air or water-cooled air conditioning functionality.

Key Features

This device boasts several essential standard features that streamline its operation:

EC Plenum Fan Motor: This efficient and quiet fan motor ensures effective air circulation.

24V Terminal Strip: The terminal strip allows easy thermostat connection.

Refrigerant High and Low Pressure Cut-Out Switches: These safety features protect the system from pressure abnormalities.

Access Ports: The dehumidifier includes access ports on the high and low sides for convenient pressure checks.

Thermostatic Expansion Valve: This feature regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator, aiding in the unit's cooling function.

Compressor: The unit features a robust rotary compressor (for models 012 and 016) or a scroll compressor (for models 024 to 060) for efficient humidity control.

Epoxy Fin Coils: These coils increase heat transfer efficiency and ensure corrosion resistance.

Pre-Painted G90 Galvanized Casing with 1/2" Insulation: The casing is built to withstand challenging conditions, while the insulation optimizes energy efficiency.

2" Merv 8 Filter: This quality air filter effectively removes airborne particulates, promoting cleaner, healthier air.

Full Reheat: This capability allows the unit to warm up the conditioned air, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in the serviced area.

Operating Range

The SECARR SDA SDAF-012 operates within a specific range to ensure optimal performance:

Entering Air Temperature: The unit is designed to work with air temperatures between 70°F and 100°F DB.

Relative Humidity: The dehumidifier functions effectively within a relative humidity range of 40% to 70%.

ESP - Direct Drive: The External Static Pressure (ESP) can be adjusted up to 0.5", which influences the unit's airflow.

Customizable Options

The SECARR SDA SDAF-012 also offers a variety of optional features for enhanced performance and adaptability:

Multi-Discharge Options: These provide greater flexibility for the installation and use of the unit.

Aqua Aero Coated Coils: This option offers enhanced corrosion resistance and performance.

Copper Fin Coils: An upgrade for improved heat transfer efficiency.

Non-Fused Disconnect: This safety feature allows for an easy way to disconnect power to the unit.

Compressor Sound Cover: This reduces operational noise, contributing to a quieter environment.

Partial Reheat: An option for spaces that require less heat.

Air or Water-Cooled Option: This option lets you choose between air or water-cooled air conditioning, depending on your needs.

Remote Air-Cooled Condenser: This accessory allows the unit to reject heat outdoors, improving efficiency.

Merv11 or 13 Filters: Higher MERV rating filters for improved air quality are available.

Humidistat/Thermostat: These controls allow for easy adjustment of humidity and temperature.

DDC Controls w/BACnet: This advanced control option facilitates integration with building management systems.

Portable Kit (for models 012 and 016 only): This provides flexibility for spaces with changing needs.

Durable Design

The SECARR SDA SDAF-012 is a compact dehumidifier, designed for light commercial and residential dehumidification. Measuring at 29" x 30" x 18", the unit weighs 195 lbs, making it a space-saving solution for your humidity control needs. The unit is also charged with 3.5 lbs of R410A refrigerant, which is known for its environmental friendliness and high cooling efficiency.

Standard Features in Detail

The SECARR SDA SDAF-012 comes with an array of standard features designed to optimize its operation and ensure ease of use:

Full Reheat Coil: This feature recaptures the heat that is generated during the dehumidification process and uses it to reheat the air, ensuring a more comfortable indoor climate.

Rotary Compressor: This efficient compressor type is known for its quiet operation and excellent performance in controlling humidity levels.

EC Plenum Fan: This fan design ensures optimal air movement throughout your space, contributing to even temperature and humidity levels.

24V Terminal Strip: This allows for easy integration with existing thermostat systems, giving you control over the operation of your dehumidifier.

High and Low Pressure Switch: These safety features cut off the compressor when the refrigerant pressure gets too high or drops too low, protecting the unit from damage.

High and Low Pressure Access Ports: These ports allow for easy access to measure refrigerant pressure, facilitating regular maintenance and troubleshooting.

Thermostatic Expansion Valve: This feature regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator, helping the dehumidifier cool the air efficiently.

Epoxy Fin Coils: These coils ensure efficient heat transfer while also providing excellent resistance to corrosion.

Pre-painted G90 Galvanized Casing with 1/2" Insulation: The casing is designed for durability, while the insulation helps maintain energy efficiency.

2" MERV 8 Filter: This high-quality filter removes particulates from the air before it circulates back into your space, contributing to a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Optional Features in Detail

The SECARR SDA SDAF-012 also comes with a range of optional features that enhance its functionality and make it adaptable to different situations:

Aqua Aero Coated Coils: These coated coils offer better performance and increased resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-term reliability of the unit.

Copper Fin Coils: These optional coils can further improve heat transfer efficiency, enhancing the performance of the dehumidifier.

Non-Fused Disconnect: This option provides an additional layer of safety, allowing for easy power disconnection when needed.

Humidistat/Thermostat: These controls give you precise command over the humidity and temperature in your space, letting you create the ideal indoor climate.

Digital Controls w/BACnet: These advanced controls can connect to building management systems, allowing for easy monitoring and control of the dehumidifier along with other building services.

2" MERV 11 or 13 Filters: These optional higher-MERV filters can capture even smaller particles, improving air quality even further.

Portable Kit Option: Available for models 012 and 016, this kit allows you to move the dehumidifier easily between different spaces as your needs change.

Comprehensive Indoor Environment Control

The SECARR SDA SDAF-012 isn’t just a dehumidifier—it's a complete solution for indoor environment air quality control. It's specifically designed for indoor installation and is ETL or CSA listed, complying with BOCA codes M-401 and M-402.1. The packaged system includes dehumidification, air heating/cooling, and a host of advanced features.

In conclusion, the SECARR SDA SDAF-012 by THERMOPLUS AIR is an advanced, versatile, and high-performing commercial dehumidification solution. It is designed to provide optimal indoor air quality, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment for all.

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