Commercial dehumidifier: SECARR SDA SDAF-024 from THERMOPLUS AIR

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DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 38 x 27 x 18

Comprehensive Overview of the SECARR SDA SDAF-024 Dehumidifier

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the SECARR SDA SDAF-024 dehumidifier, a highlight in our selection of commercial dehumidifiers at AirGreen. As an HVAC company based in Montreal, we're proud to offer our top-tier HVAC services across Greater Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, the South Shore, and the North Shore. This product is an exemplification of the top-quality HVAC solutions we provide, specifically targeting the needs of commercial and light residential dehumidification applications.

Compact Yet Powerful

Although it's compact, the SECARR SDA SDAF-024 packs a punch, offering between 5.5 and 26.5 LBS/HR of dehumidification capacity. It's more than a mere dehumidifier - it's a comprehensive indoor packaged R410A dehumidification unit with optional air or water-cooled air conditioning, perfect for light commercial and residential dehumidification applications like greenhouses, restaurants, warehouses, storage facilities, and more.

Key Features

The SECARR SDA SDAF-024 comes equipped with a range of essential standard features that make its operation straightforward:

  • EC Plenum Fan Motor: Ensures efficient and quiet airflow.

  • 24V Terminal Strip: Allows for easy thermostat connection.

  • Refrigerant High and Low Pressure Cut-out Switches: These safety features protect the system against pressure irregularities.

  • Access Ports: The dehumidifier includes access ports on both high and low sides for convenient pressure checks.

  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve: This component regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator, assisting the cooling function of the unit.

  • Scroll Compressor: This robust and efficient compressor is part of the dehumidifier's crucial components for effective humidity control.

  • Epoxy Fin Coils: These enhance the heat transfer efficiency and ensure corrosion resistance.

  • Pre-painted G90 Galvanized Casing with 1/2" Insulation: The casing is designed to withstand harsh conditions, while the insulation optimizes energy efficiency.

  • 2" MERV 8 Filter: This quality air filter effectively removes airborne particles, promoting cleaner and healthier air.

  • Partial Reheat Coil: This feature allows the unit to reheat conditioned air, helping maintain a comfortable temperature within the serviced area.

Operating Range

The SECARR SDA SDAF-024 operates within a specific range to ensure optimal performance:

  • Entering Air Temperature: The unit is designed to function with entering air temperatures from 70°F to 100°F DB.

  • External Static Pressure: The External Static Pressure (ESP) can be adjusted up to 0.5", influencing the device's airflow.

Customizable Options

The SECARR SDA SDAF-024 also offers a variety of optional features to enhance its performance and versatility:

  • Full Reheat Coil: An upgrade for spaces that require more heat.

  • Aqua Aero Coated Coils: This option offers increased corrosion resistance and improved performance.

  • Copper Fin Coils: An upgrade for better heat transfer efficiency.

  • Non-fused Disconnect: This safety feature allows for easy power disconnection when necessary.

  • Compressor Sound Cover: This reduces operational noise, contributing to a quieter environment.

  • Air or Water Cooled Air Conditioning: This option allows you to choose between air or water-cooled air conditioning, depending on your needs.

  • Humidistat/Thermostat: These controls allow easy setting of humidity and temperature.

  • Digital Controls w/BACnet: This advanced control option facilitates integration with building management systems.

  • 2" MERV 11 or 13 Filters: Higher MERV-rated filters for improved air quality are available.

Sturdy Design

The SECARR SDA SDAF-024 is a compact dehumidifier designed for light commercial and residential dehumidification. With a unit weight of 310 pounds, it's robust and stable, while being compact enough to easily fit into various spaces. Its dimensions are 43 X 33.5 X 19 inches, making it ideal for commercial spaces where space may be limited.

Comprehensive Indoor Environment Control

The SECARR SDA SDAF-024 is not just a dehumidifier - it's a complete solution for indoor air quality control. It's specifically designed for indoor installation and is ETL or CSA listed, compliant with BOCA codes M-401 and M-402.1. The packaged system includes dehumidification, air heating/cooling, and a host of advanced features.

In conclusion, the SECARR SDA SDAF-024 by THERMOPLUS AIR is an advanced, versatile, and high-performance commercial dehumidification solution. It's designed to deliver optimal indoor air quality, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment for all.

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