Commercial dehumidifier: SECARR SDA SDAF-030 from THERMOPLUS AIR

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DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 38 x 28 x 18


As AirGreen, an HVAC company based in Montréal, we pride ourselves on offering our superior HVAC services all over Greater Montréal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore, and North Shore. On our website, we have a section dedicated exclusively to commercial HVAC services, which includes the sale and installation of high-performance dehumidifiers. Among our top-notch products, we proudly introduce the SECARR SDA SDAF-030 dehumidifier by THERMOPLUS AIR. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth exploration of this superior device.

Compact Powerhouse of Dehumidification

The SECARR SDA SDAF-030 is a marvel in compact design and powerful function, delivering dehumidification ranging from 5.5 LBS/HR to 26.5 LBS/HR. This device goes beyond a standard dehumidifier by providing an indoor packaged R410A dehumidification unit with optional air or water-cooled air conditioning. It is designed for light commercial and residential dehumidification applications, making it perfect for greenhouses, restaurants, warehouses, storage facilities, and more.

Key Features

The SECARR SDA SDAF-030 is brimming with standard features that ensure it operates at optimal efficiency:

  • Partiel Reheat Coil: This coil offers the unique ability to partially reheat the air after it has been cooled and dehumidified, contributing to an efficient and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Scroll Compressor: It uses a superior scroll compressor for effective and efficient performance, ensuring a powerful operation with minimal noise.
  • EC Plenum Fan: For maintaining smooth airflow across the unit, the fan is designed to ensure quiet operation while maximizing efficiency.
  • 24V Terminal Strip: This standard feature provides ease of installation and use.
  • High and Low-Pressure Switch: The device contains high and low-pressure switches, adding a layer of safety and control.
  • High and Low-Pressure Access Ports: These access ports allow for straightforward system checks, ensuring the unit operates within the required pressure range.
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve: It regulates the flow of coolant into the evaporator, contributing to the device's cooling function.
  • Epoxy Fin Coils: They are designed to resist corrosion and facilitate heat transfer, thereby enhancing the unit's longevity.
  • Pre-painted G90 Galvanized Casing with 1/2" Insulation: The device's exterior is designed to resist harsh weather and wear, contributing to its durability.
  • 2" MERV 8 Filter: This high-quality filter effectively removes suspended air particles, resulting in cleaner, healthier air.

Customizable Options

In addition to its standard features, the SECARR SDA SDAF-030 offers a range of customizable options to enhance its performance and versatility:

  • Full Reheat Coil: An upgrade for spaces requiring more heat, perfect for colder climates or during the winter season.
  • Aqua Aero Coated Coils: These offer enhanced corrosion resistance and improved performance, making them ideal for challenging environments.
  • Copper Fin Coils: An upgrade for better heat transfer efficiency, suitable for areas with high humidity levels.
  • Non-fused Disconnect: This safety feature allows for easy power disconnection when necessary.
  • Compressor Sound Cover: It reduces operational noise, contributing to a quieter environment.
  • Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Air Conditioning: This option allows you to choose between air or water-cooled air conditioning, depending on your needs.
  • Humidistat / Thermostat: These controls allow for easy humidity and temperature adjustment, providing the ability to maintain a comfortable environment.
  • Digital Controls w/BACnet: This advanced control option facilitates integration with building management systems, allowing for more effective overall operation and control.
  • 2" MERV 11 or 13 Filters: Higher-class MERV filters are available for better air quality, suitable for environments where air quality is a priority.

Robust Design and Construction

The SECARR SDA SDAF-030 dehumidifier is compact yet designed to meet the demands of light commercial and residential dehumidification. With a unit weight of 340 lbs, it is robust and stable, while its compact dimensions of 43 x 33.5 x 19 inches make it suitable for various spaces. The unit boasts a 20-gauge pre-painted Galvanized sheet metal construction for maximum rigidity, complete with an 18-gauge base. The interior houses one section for the coils, drain pan, and blower, and another for the compressor and refrigeration components.

Detailed Specifications

Delving into the detailed specifications of the SECARR SDA SDAF-030, you'll find that this unit offers more than just dehumidification. It is a comprehensive solution for indoor air quality control, providing not just dehumidification but also air heating and cooling. It is ETL or CSA listed and complies with BOCA code M-401 and M-402.1, giving you the assurance of its quality and safety.

The SECARR SDA SDAF-030 is a packaged system, fully assembled, wired, piped, and tested at the factory. The result is a unit ready for installation and immediate operation. All instrumentation and control devices are factory adjusted and preset to the design conditions, ensuring optimal operation from the get-go.

The unit comprises a compressor, an evaporator coil, an air reheat coil, a supply air blower with a motor, and thermostatic expansion valves. It also includes a motor starter and operates from a digital relative Humidity controller space sensor. This combination results in a comprehensive solution for managing indoor environments.

Optionally, the unit can be equipped with a DDC control with BACnet Communication protocol. This feature provides you with advanced control and monitoring capabilities, making the unit a smart addition to your building's HVAC infrastructure.

The system is designed to handle a nominal airflow (CFM) of 660, making it suitable for various applications and spaces. It is capable of adjusting to an external static pressure of up to 0.5", giving you more control over the airflow of the unit.

The device also features a unique drain pan design. Each unit is equipped with a sloped, non-tapping drain pan located under the entire evaporator coil. This design prevents condensate carryover and potential water pooling, which could lead to bacteria growth. The drain pan is constructed from a minimum 20-gauge type 304 stainless steel, with a smooth surface and rounded corners to avoid microbial growth. The bottom of the drain pan is insulated to comply with IAQ requirements for drain pans.

The SECARR SDA SDAF-030 employs a refrigeration circuit that includes an in-line solder type liquid line filter drier and a liquid and moisture indicator, which are visible from outside the unit without removal of the access panel. This design ensures a convenient and straightforward maintenance process.

The unit’s supply fan is a centrifugal single inlet backward curved motorized impeller, optimized for energy efficiency. It features a protection class IP54 and motor efficiency class IE4, and can be externally controlled for speed via 0-10 volts. The motor/impeller is statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO for either vertical or horizontal installation, ensuring a smooth, vibration-free operation.

The compressor is a UL or ETL listed high-efficiency suction-cooled scroll type, mounted on rubber isolators for vibration-free operation. It is suitable for refrigerant R-410A and equipped with an internal check valve. The compressor manufacturer has a wholesale outlet for replacement parts in the nearest major city, ensuring you have ready access to parts when needed.

Control Panel

The SECARR SDA SDAF-030 comes with a built-in control panel that is housed in a separate compartment. This design ensures the control panel does not disturb the air flow during servicing. All the wiring within the control panel is installed in accordance with UL or CSA safety electrical code regulations and complies with NFPA. All the components used within the panel are UL or CSA listed, giving you the assurance of their quality and safety.

Power block terminals are provided for the proper wire size. The unit employs color coding and wire numbering for easy troubleshooting, with all wires neatly organized in a wire duct. The compressor is controlled by a contactor, and both the blower motor and compressor have internal overheat protection. A dry contact is provided for remote on-off control, and there is also a compressor time delay start to prevent short cycling.

The unit is controlled by a digital relative Humidity controller space sensor, with each controller able to independently control unit operation without interfering with unit performance.

Enclosure and Insulation

The unit is constructed of 20-gauge pre-painted Galvanized sheet metal formed for maximum rigidity. The cabinet has one section for coils, drain pan, and blower, and one section for the compressor and refrigeration components. The compressor and refrigeration components are located outside the air stream to avoid contamination. Removable service panels are provided to access all internal parts from both sides.

The unit cabinet is insulated with 1⁄2 inch thick fiberglass duct liner insulation, which is approved for a 250-degree F operating temperature and up to 5000 fpm air velocity. The surface is protected against perforation with a reinforcing mesh, with a fire resistance rating conforming with NFPA standard 90A. The sound attenuation coefficient is not less than 0.86 at a frequency of 1000 HZ as per ASTM standard C423, while the thermal conductivity is more than 0.232 BTU/in.h.sqft.F at 75-degree F. The insulation is securely fastened with an approved adhesive and mechanical fasteners.

Air Filter and Microprocessor Control

The unit uses a 2” MERV 8 disposable filter, which is suitable for commercial applications. The unit has an extended filter rack with an access door for easy filter replacement.

Optionally, the unit can be equipped with a microprocessor control. This controller is a solid state, fully programmable controller with integrated Ethernet interfaces and BACnet communication protocol. It has enough digital and analog input and output to connect all required sensors to fully monitor the unit under all conditions. It allows the required conditions to be read on the air side and refrigeration side, with the ability to change the set points on the controller or via BMS. The controller provides specified alarms when the system is at fault, giving you an early warning of any potential problems.

Air Cooled Air Conditioning (Optional)

Optionally, the unit can be equipped with an air conditioning feature to reject heat to an outdoor air-cooled condenser. The unit is provided with a dry contact rated for 24VAC/5A to operate the remote outdoor condenser control. The unit's refrigeration circuit includes a three-way refrigerant valve, receiver with pressure relief valve, and two shut-off valves to isolate the outdoor condenser.


As a comprehensive solution for indoor air quality control, the SECARR SDA SDAF-030 dehumidifier by THERMOPLUS AIR provides high-performance dehumidification along with heating and cooling functions. This robust, compact unit is designed for light commercial and residential applications, making it an ideal choice for greenhouses, restaurants, warehouses, storage facilities, and more.

With a host of standard features and customizable options, the SECARR SDA SDAF-030 delivers excellent performance and versatility. Whether you need a reliable dehumidifier or a comprehensive HVAC solution, this unit is designed to meet your needs.

As a company that prides itself on offering superior HVAC services, AirGreen is ready to help you explore the benefits of the SECARR SDA SDAF-030. From its robust design to its advanced features, this unit stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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