Commercial dehumidifier: SECARR SDA SDAF-038 from THERMOPLUS AIR

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DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 43 x 30 x 22

Sale and installation of the SECARR SDA Commercial Dehumidifier SDAF-038 from THERMOPLUS AIR everywhere in Greater Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore.

Discover the epitome of high-performance dehumidification with the SECARR SDA SDAF-038 by THERMOPLUS AIR, a compact, yet powerful dehumidifier, crafted specifically to meet the demands of residential and light commercial applications. Its meticulous design, superior functionality, and exceptional efficiency make it an indispensable asset for an array of indoor environments, ranging from greenhouses and restaurants to warehouses and storage facilities.

Design and Specifications

Nestled within its robust yet compact dimensions of 48x36.5x23 inches and a weight of 420 lbs, the SDA SDAF-038 houses an array of advanced components that work synergistically to deliver superior dehumidification performance. Boasting an impressive air flow range of 840 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and an external static pressure of 0.5 inches, it's capable of removing 5.5 to 26.5 lbs of moisture per hour from the surrounding air.

Comprehensive Features and Optional Enhancements

The SECARR SDA SDAF-038 comes loaded with standard features that promise to deliver enhanced dehumidification performance and longevity. These include a scroll compressor, a partiel reheat coil, a 24V terminal strip, and a thermostatic expansion valve, among other features. Furthermore, the unit accommodates a 2" MERV 8 filter, renowned for its ability to effectively trap and remove airborne particles, thereby improving indoor air quality.

This device doesn't just offer a set of standard features but also provides a range of optional enhancements, allowing for customization to meet specific needs. Some notable options include full reheat coil, Aqua Aero coated coils, compressor sound cover, and digital controls with BACnet. You can choose from different filters with MERV ratings of 11 or 13 for improved air filtration, and you can select either air or water-cooled air conditioning, depending on your cooling requirements.

Exceptional Build Quality

Constructed from pre-painted G90 galvanized steel, the SDA SDAF-038 boasts an exceptional build quality, ensuring longevity and robust performance. The interior is thoughtfully designed with separate sections for the coils, drain pan, blower, compressor, and refrigeration components. This strategic placement not only facilitates efficient airflow but also makes servicing and maintenance a breeze.

Inside, the unit is insulated with a 1/2" fiberglass duct liner, approved for high-temperature operation and capable of handling air velocities of up to 5000 fpm. This ensures efficient noise reduction and excellent thermal properties, thus ensuring that the unit operates at peak performance without contributing significantly to ambient noise.

Piping and Evaporator

The SDA SDAF-038 exhibits remarkable attention to detail when it comes to its piping and evaporator design. Adhering strictly to BOCA codes for corrosion resistance and joint and connection standards, the unit employs copper type "L" pipes, vinyl-coated to prevent corrosion. The evaporator is not less than 4 rows deep and includes a 3/8-inch OD seamless copper tubing. This is mechanically expanded into a plate type aluminum corrugated fin design, ensuring high heat transfer and superior performance.

Exceptional Condenser Design

The unit features a meticulously designed condenser or air reheat coil, designed to maximize heat transfer and ensure energy efficiency. Just like the evaporator, it features mechanically expanded copper tubing and aluminum corrugated fins and comes with an epoxy coating for corrosion resistance.

Comprehensive Controls

At the heart of the SDA SDAF-038’s functionality is its advanced control panel. This easy-to-navigate interface makes monitoring and controlling the unit’s functions a breeze. The control panel also houses the optional microprocessor control with an integrated ethernet interface for BACnet communication protocol. This feature enables users to monitor the unit's conditions and adjust set points either on the controller or via BMS (Building Management System).

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