Commercial dehumidifier: SECARR SDS SDS-026H from THERMOPLUS AIR

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DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 54 x 36 x 30

Sale and installation of the SECARR Commercial Dehumidifier SDS SDS-026H of THERMOPLUS AIR everywhere in Greater Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore.

AirGreen, a leading HVAC company based in Montréal, proudly presents the SECARR SDS SDS-026H, a sophisticated product expertly designed by THERMOPLUS AIR. This natatorium dehumidifier is engineered with unrivaled attention to detail and equipped with a range of advanced features, making it a standout choice for residential and commercial natatorium dehumidification applications.

The SECARR SDS SDS-026H showcases an impressive blend of functionality and adaptability, providing superior performance in dehumidification and air conditioning. The following is an extensive description of this product, aimed at delivering a comprehensive understanding of its unique features, operational efficiencies, and optional enhancements.

Design & Comprehensive Specifications

The SECARR SDS SDS-026H is a testament to modern engineering, expertly crafted for optimal performance. Housed in a robust pre-painted G90 galvanized casing, this unit comes with horizontal and vertical configurations. The compact unit dimensions of 54 x 36 x 30 inches and a weight of 510 lbs are strategically designed to optimize the system's moisture removal capacity, effectively extracting 11.95 lbs/hr from the surrounding environment.

Exceptional Standard Features & Available Options

The SECARR SDS SDS-026H comes with an array of standard features aimed at ensuring reliable and efficient dehumidification. It boasts a cutting-edge EC plenum fan motor with adjustable pulley, high and low-pressure cut-out switches, access ports on high and low sides, and a Cupro-nickel co-axial pool water condenser. Additionally, the unit features a state-of-the-art DDC control system and a 2" MERV 8 filter, enhancing the unit's overall performance and ease of use.

To meet specific needs, the SECARR SDS SDS-026H also offers a range of optional enhancements. These include multi-discharge options, a non-fused disconnect, a 4-year extended compressor warranty, and a BACnet card. The unit can be equipped with an air or water-cooled option, providing additional flexibility based on the user's requirements.

Unrivaled Build Quality

The SECARR SDS SDS-026H is constructed with top-quality materials designed for maximum durability and longevity. The unit's pre-painted G90 galvanized casing features 1/2" insulation for optimal energy efficiency, while the thoughtful internal design houses separate sections for the coils, drain pan, fan, and the compressor and pool water heater components. This not only ensures efficient airflow but also simplifies maintenance and servicing.

Superior Evaporator & Piping Design

The SECARR SDS SDS-026H strictly adheres to BOCA codes for corrosion resistance coating and joint and connection standards. It utilizes type “L” copper pipes coated with vinyl for corrosion prevention. The evaporator incorporates a 3/8-inch OD seamless copper tubing, mechanically expanded into plate-type aluminum corrugated fins, ensuring high heat transfer and superior unit performance. Designed with a depth of at least six rows, the evaporator offers maximum moisture removal capacity with an air velocity not exceeding 450 FPM.

Exceptional Condenser Design

The SECARR SDS SDS-026H features a meticulously engineered condenser, providing superior performance. The condenser, like the evaporator, utilizes a 3/8-inch OD seamless copper tubing, mechanically expanded into plate-type aluminum corrugated fins for efficient heat transfer. The condenser has hydrophilic properties (AQUA AERO COAT) offering superior corrosion protection and enhancing the performance of the unit.

Comprehensive Control Features

At the heart of the SDS SDS-026H is its advanced control panel, providing easy navigation and monitoring of the dehumidifier's features. The control panel also houses the fully programmable solid-state controller with integrated ethernet interfaces for the BACnet communication protocol. This feature allows users to fully monitor the unit under all conditions and adjust the set points either on the controller or via the Building Management System (BMS).

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