Commercial dehumidifier: SECARR SDS SDS-026V from THERMOPLUS AIR

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DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 45 x 31 x 78.8

Sale and installation of the SECARR Commercial Dehumidifier  SDS SDS-026V of THERMOPLUS AIR everywhere in Greater Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore.

AirGreen is proud to present the SDS-026V Indoor Packaged Dehumidification Unit from Thermoplus Air Industries, a leading HVAC manufacturer. This high-capacity dehumidifier, ideal for both residential and commercial settings, promises unmatched performance in natatorium environments, serving as an excellent solution to your dehumidification needs.

The SDS-026V stands as an exemplar of the Thermoplus Air's SDS package dehumidifier line, offering a natatorium dehumidification range of 12 to 58 lbs/hr. An intelligently designed, feature-rich machine, it’s built to operate with an entering air temperature between 70°F to 100°F DB, and relative humidity of 40% through 70%, assuring flexibility and adaptability in various indoor climates.

Key Performance Specifications

At its core, the SDS-026V is an engineering marvel capable of handling a maximum air volume of 1000 CFM, with a moisture removal capacity (MRC) of 11.95 lbs/hr. Its external static pressure stands at an impressive 1 inch, ensuring efficient operation and outstanding performance even under demanding conditions.

This dehumidifier further offers total cooling of 28,360 BTU/H, with a sensible cooling capacity of 14,990 BTU/H. It’s all about the details with the SDS-026V - with an optional air-cooled outdoor condenser, it achieves sensible cooling of 16,888 BTU/H and a maximum heat rejection of 37,500 BTU/H.

Reliability and Robust Design

The SDS-026V stands tall with dimensions of 45 x 31 x 78.8 inches, weighing 790 lbs. This compact yet powerful machine is constructed with a pre-painted G90 galvanized casing, insulated with 1/2" insulation for added durability and reduced operational noise.

It boasts an EC plenum fan motor with an adjustable pulley, offering reliable and consistent operation. To ensure safety and longevity, the unit is equipped with high and low-pressure cut-out switches and access ports on both sides.

Smart, Customizable Features

Flexibility and customization are hallmarks of the SDS-026V dehumidifier. It comes with a Digital Direct Control (DDC) system, enabling easy control and operation. Its 2" Mery 8 filter, coupled with Aqua Aero coated coils, ensures clean and fresh air.

The dehumidifier's vertical configuration can be customized to a horizontal one based on your space requirements. It also provides multiple discharge options, non-fused disconnect, and an option for a 4-year extended compressor warranty.

Beyond Standard Specifications

The SDS-026V exceeds standards with optional features like BACnet card compatibility for seamless integration with building management systems. For those seeking a quieter operation, a compressor sound cover is available. To cater to diverse cooling needs, the unit provides air or water-cooled options, with an option for a remote air-cooled condenser.

Resilience in Harsh Environments

Designed for resilience in harsh natatorium environments, the SDS-026V operates with a refrigerant charge of R410A. This eco-friendly refrigerant enhances the unit's efficiency, reducing its carbon footprint. It's not just about keeping your environment comfortable, but also keeping the planet green.

Efficiency and Elegance Combined

The SDS-026V dehumidifier is not just about performance and features; it's a fine example of aesthetic engineering. Its warm grey satin finish adds a touch of elegance to your space, while the robust construction ensures longevity and durability. The meticulous design offers easy access to all internal parts from both sides, promoting ease of maintenance.

Future-Proofing Your Needs

With a solid state fully programmable controller, and integrated ethernet interfaces BACnet communication protocol, the SDS-026V dehumidifier future-proofs your dehumidification needs. It provides a rich array of input and output options, facilitating comprehensive monitoring and control of the unit.

Optional Air Conditioning

For environments with additional cooling needs, the SDS-026V offers an optional air conditioning feature. This ensures a comfortable and conducive environment, irrespective of external conditions.

In conclusion, the Thermoplus Air Industries SDS-026V Indoor Packaged Dehumidification Unit is an intelligent, robust, and efficient solution to your dehumidification needs. It brings together performance, reliability, and aesthetics in a compact yet powerful package. Whether you’re managing a large commercial space or seeking a solution for your home, the SDS-026V stands ready to deliver.

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