Commercial dehumidifier: SECARR SDS SDS-072V from THERMOPLUS AIR

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DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 45 x 31 x 78.8

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We are AirGreen, an established HVAC company rooted in Montréal. We deliver HVAC services throughout the Greater Montréal area, including Laval, Longueuil, the South Shore, and North Shore. On our website, you will find a section dedicated to commercial HVAC services, where we offer sales and installation of top-quality Dehumidifiers. One of the standout products we offer is the SECARR SDS SDS-072V by THERMOPLUS AIR. This article provides a comprehensive, in-depth, and intriguing description of this unique product, outlining its features, specifications, and advantages.


The SECARR SDS SDS-072V is an indoor packaged dehumidification unit, designed with optional air or water-cooled air conditioning, making it a fitting choice for residential or commercial natatorium dehumidification applications. This product is the result of ThermoPlus Air's innovative engineering and design prowess, making it a standout choice for anyone requiring efficient, effective humidity control.

Key Features and Specifications

Operating within an entering air temperature range of 70°F to 100°F DB and a relative humidity range of 40% to 70%, the SECARR SDS SDS-072V handles a maximum air volume of 3000 CFM and offers a moisture removal capacity (MRC) of 33.5 LBS/H. The unit boasts a vertical air discharge location and, when utilizing the optional outdoor air-cooled condenser, it provides additional sensible cooling capacity of 47760 BTU/H, with a maximum heat rejection of 102800 BTU/H.

The unit measures 45" x 31" x 78.8", weighs 980 lbs, and is precharged with 16 lbs of R410A refrigerant. This provides powerful performance in a compact, space-saving design.

Standard Features

The SECARR SDS SDS-072V is equipped with numerous standard features that enhance its performance and functionality:

  • Pre-painted G90 galvanized casing with 1/2" insulation: This feature ensures the unit's durability, allowing it to withstand varying environmental conditions over time.
  • Vertical configuration: This design allows the unit to fit various space requirements, ensuring optimum efficiency.
  • EC plenum fan motor with adjustable pulley: This feature allows superior control of air flow, which can be tailored to specific needs, resulting in a healthier indoor environment.
  • Refrigerant high and low pressure cut-out switches: These essential safety features ensure the unit operates within safe pressure limits, mitigating potential damage and enhancing the unit's lifespan.
  • Cupro-nickel co-axial pool water condenser: The use of cupro-nickel improves heat transfer efficiency and corrosion resistance, delivering high-quality performance and lasting durability.
  • DDC controls: The Direct Digital Control (DDC) system allows ease of operation and precise control of the unit.
  • 2" Mery 8 filter: This feature ensures the air remains clean and pure, enhancing the overall air quality in the environment.
  • Aqua Aero coated coils: The coils are protected by a specialized coating for enhanced efficiency and longevity, protecting against potential corrosion damage.

Optional Features

In addition to these standard features, the SECARR SDS SDS-072V comes with a set of optional enhancements for additional customization according to your specific needs:

  • Horizontal configuration
  • Multi-discharge options
  • Non-fused disconnect
  • 4-year extended compressor warranty
  • BACnet communication protocol
  • 2" Mery 11 or 13 filters
  • Compressor sound cover
  • Air or water-cooled option
  • Remote air-cooled condenser
  • Cupro-nickel co-axial pool water condenser

The SECARR SDS SDS-072V is a powerhouse when it comes to dehumidifying a space. Its design and features make it suitable for commercial and residential environments. Whether you are a homeowner looking to enhance indoor air quality or a business needing to maintain optimal humidity levels, the SECARR SDS SDS-072V is a model to consider.

ThermoPlus Air has leveraged its vast experience in the HVAC industry to create this sophisticated dehumidifier. Its functional design, coupled with advanced features, offers users unmatched performance and superior reliability.

At AirGreen, we believe in providing our customers with the best HVAC solutions. That’s why we endorse the SECARR SDS SDS-072V - a dehumidifier that not only delivers outstanding performance but also gives you peace of mind that you are investing in a product designed to last.

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