Commercial dehumidifier: SECARR SDS SDS-103V from THERMOPLUS AIR

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DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 70 x 48 x 82
WEIGHT: 1645.0 LBS

AirGreen introduces the SECARR SDS SDS-103V by THERMOPLUS AIR: The Ultimate Commercial Dehumidifier for Natatoriums

At AirGreen, we understand the challenges faced by natatoriums - spaces that house indoor swimming pools - in maintaining optimal air conditions. High humidity and temperature fluctuations can cause discomfort and structural damage. To address these concerns, we proudly introduce the SECARR SDS SDS-103V by THERMOPLUS AIR, a superior natatorium dehumidifier designed to ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for commercial applications.


The SECARR SDS SDS-103V stands as the apex of commercial HVAC technology excellence. It's a powerhouse dehumidifier, with an impressive Moisture Removal Capacity (MRC) of 50.3 lbs per hour, and a Total Cooling capacity of 121,200 BTU/H. Operating within an entering air temperature range of 70°F to 100°F DB, and a relative humidity range of 40% to 70%, it offers unmatched versatility to cater to a wide range of commercial needs.

Structure and Configuration

Housed in a sturdy pre-painted G90 galvanized casing with 1/2" insulation, the unit offers a choice of vertical and horizontal configurations to cater to various spatial needs. The structure's dimensions stand at 70" (Length) x 48" (Width) x 82" (Height), weighing 1645 lbs, a solid testament to its robust construction.

Performance and Efficiency

The unit's EC plenum fan motor, coupled with an adjustable pulley, ensures efficient air distribution. The unit uses R410A refrigerant for cooling, with a refrigerant charge of 25.5 lbs. The unit features high and low-pressure cut-out switches and access ports on both sides for easy regular servicing. It also boasts a top-grade 2" MERV 8 filter, ensuring clean and pure air.

Cutting-Edge Features

  1. DDC Controls: These advanced controls make the unit highly responsive and easy to manage.
  2. Aqua Aero Coated Coils: The application of Aqua Aero coating offers superior corrosion protection, ensuring longevity and high performance.
  3. Cupro-Nickel Co-axial Pool Water Condenser: This feature allows optimal heat transfer, contributing to the unit's energy efficiency.

Additional Options

To customize the dehumidifier according to your unique needs, it comes with a range of additional options. These include:

  1. Multiple discharge options for greater flexibility
  2. A non-fused disconnect function for safety
  3. A forward-curve belt-driven fan for enhanced performance
  4. A 4-year extended compressor warranty for peace of mind
  5. BACnet card for seamless integration into existing building management systems
  6. Compressor sound cover for noise reduction
  7. Air or water-cooled option for more versatility
  8. A remote air-cooled condenser for added convenience

Unique Specifications for Natatorium Environments

The SDS-103V is specifically designed to cater to the needs of natatoriums. This includes dehumidification, pool water heating, air heating/cooling, and more. Its packaged system allows easy indoor installation. Complying with the strictest safety and performance standards, it's ETL or CSA certified, and is in compliance with BOCA codes M-401 and M-402.1.

The unit includes components like a compressor, evaporator coil, air reheat coil, supply air blower with motor, pool water condenser, receiver, and expansion valves. The piping conforms to BBOCA code P-308-2 for corrosion resistance, while a UL or CSA certified water heater ensures maximum heat transfer from refrigerant to pool water. The evaporator and condenser (air reheat coil) are also UL or ETL certified and tested for maximum moisture removal capacity and heat transfer.

A control panel built-in a separate compartment ensures minimal air flow disturbance during servicing. The unit is insulated with 1/2 inch thick fiberglass duct liner and includes a 2" MERV 8 disposable air filter suitable for commercial applications. A fully programmable solid-state microprocessor control with integrated ethernet interfaces to BACnet communication protocol assures efficient monitoring and control.

An optional air conditioning feature is available that rejects heat to an outdoor air-cooled condenser. The unit is also provided with a dry contact rated for 24VAC/5A to operate the remote outdoor condenser control.


The SECARR SDS SDS-103V by THERMOPLUS AIR offers top-tier dehumidification performance coupled with unique features for natatoriums. It offers exceptional reliability, flexibility, and customization to meet your specific needs. Invest in the SDS-103V to ensure a comfortable, healthy, and humidity-free indoor environment for your commercial space.

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