FANTECH SHR Air Exchanger 2004 Greater Montreal

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Serial Number: SHR 2004
Type of air exchanger: HRV
Connection: LATÉRAL
Dimensions (W x D x H): 17.38 x 20.5 x 27.88
  • Energy Star®: No
  • Warranty (Core-Motor-Parts): ∞-7-5
  • Voltage: 115 V
  • PCM/CFM - @ 0.4”: 200.0
  • Maximum sensible recovery efficiency: 77.0
  • Defrost cycle: Ventilation

Presentation of the Fantech SHR 2004 Heat Recovery Ventilator

Improve Your Air Quality with AirGreen

AirGreen, a leading HVAC company based in Montréal, specializes in the sale and installation of high-quality air exchangers. Our commitment to excellence ensures a superior customer experience, cutting-edge technology, and remarkable energy efficiency. Our flagship product, the Fantech SHR 2004 Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), is designed to provide optimal ventilation and exceptional energy savings.

Introduction to the Fantech SHR 2004 HRV

The Fantech SHR 2004 is a 200 CFM Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) designed with side ports and exhaust defrost capabilities. This 120-volt model is equipped with 4 ports of 6 inches in diameter. HRVs increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems by transferring heat between fresh and stale air during ventilation. Thanks to its compact size and wall bracket, the SHR 2004 is easy to install.

Energy Performance

The SHR 2004 helps maintain fresh and healthy indoor air while optimizing energy efficiency. During the winter months, the HRV captures heat from the outgoing air to preheat the incoming fresh air. This allows you to save on heating costs. In summer, the SHR 2004 pre-cools the incoming air by transferring its heat to the outgoing air, thereby optimizing the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Features of the Fantech SHR 2004 HRV

The SHR 2004 features a number of outstanding features, designed to maximize performance and ease of use:

Heat Recovery Core

An aluminum heat recovery core provides improved heat transfer capacity while taking up less space than traditional cores.

Winter Guard

A built-in exhaust defrost system allows for consistent, reliable operation during the winter months.

Electronic Control Board

Microprocessor technology efficiently controls the operation of the unit, making it easy to connect HVAC equipment and wall controls.

Washable Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters capture airborne particles traveling through the ventilator. Easily washable, these filters can be repeatedly reused before replacement.


The Fantech SHR 2004 HRV has the following specifications:

  • Maximum Air Flow: 218 CFM
  • Apparent Sensible Effectiveness: 74%
  • Minimum Air Flow: 59 CFM
  • Sensible Recovery Efficiency: 62%
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Duct Connection Diameter: 6 Inches
  • Product Height: 20 1/2 Inches
  • Product Width: 36 Inches
  • Product Depth: 17 3/8 Inches


The Fantech SHR 2004 HRV is covered by a 7-year warranty on the motor.

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To learn more about the Fantech SHR 2004 HRV, or to discuss your ventilation needs, contact AirGreen. As leaders in the sale and installation of air exchangers in Montreal, we are here to help you improve your home's air quality while saving on energy. At AirGreen, we focus on quality, efficiency, and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to discuss your ventilation needs and discover how the Fantech SHR 2004 HRV can improve your quality of life.

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