FANTECH VHR 150 Air Exchanger Greater Montreal

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Serial Number: VHR 150
Type of air exchanger: HRV
Connection: VERTICAL
Dimensions (W x D x H): 23.75 x 16.25 x 17.19
  • Energy Star®: No
  • Warranty (Core-Motor-Parts): ∞-7-5
  • Voltage: 115 V
  • PCM/CFM - @ 0.4”: 142.0
  • Maximum sensible recovery efficiency: 65.0
  • Defrost cycle: Ventilation

The Fantech VHR 150 Air Exchanger: Your Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment, indoor air quality is a vital factor. The Fantech VHR 150 Air Exchanger, one of Fantech's most popular Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs), stands out as an exceptional solution for home projects, particularly those requiring higher static pressure applications.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the key features, specifications, and benefits of the Fantech VHR 150. Not only will you discover why this HRV is an excellent choice for enhancing indoor air quality, but you'll also learn why AirGreen, a leading HVAC company in Montréal, highly recommends it.

Fantech VHR 150: Product Overview

The Fantech VHR 150 is designed to ensure a continuous supply of fresh air while simultaneously expelling an equivalent amount of stale, contaminated air from your home. The unit's unique design provides effective heat recovery during winter, reducing energy costs by warming incoming fresh air with the heat from the outgoing air. During summer, incoming air is pre-cooled if the house is equipped with an air cooling system.

This compact HRV also includes an automatic defrost mechanism, enabling the unit to function efficiently throughout the year, regardless of the climate. With these features, the Fantech VHR 150 delivers a consistent and energy-efficient solution to enhance indoor air quality.

Key Features of the Fantech VHR 150

The Fantech VHR 150 is packed with an array of impressive features:

  • Compact Design: With a width of just 23.75" (603 mm), the unit fits seamlessly into small spaces.
  • High Airflow Capacity: The HRV can support airflow up to 159 CFM (75 L/s) @ 0.4" Ps (100 Pa).
  • Efficient Fans: The fans come with backward curved RadiCAL blades to ensure optimal performance.
  • Integrated Airflow Measurement: 6" (152mm) oval duct connections are included for accurate airflow measurement.
  • Aluminum Heat Recovery Core: This robust component ensures effective heat recovery and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Electrostatic Filters: Washable filters help to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of the unit.
  • Removable Screw Terminal: This feature allows for easy connection.
  • Easy Core Guide Channels: The HRV's design allows for easy removal of the core.

Detailed Specifications

The Fantech VHR 150 excels in performance, boasting an array of top-notch specifications:

  • Duct size: 6" (152 mm) oval
  • Voltage/Phase: 120/1
  • Power rated: 156 W
  • Amp: 1.2 A
  • Average airflow: 159 cfm (75 L/s) @ 0.4" Ps (100Pa)
  • Weight: The unit weighs only 45 lbs (20Kg)


The Fantech VHR 150 is equipped with two factory-balanced fans with backward curved blades. These fans have motors with permanently lubricated, sealed ball-bearings, ensuring longevity and maintenance-free operation.

Heat Recovery Core

The aluminum heat recovery core, measuring 9" x 9" (229 x 229 mm) with a 15" (381 mm) depth, is designed to withstand extreme temperature variations. This durability contributes significantly to the unit's reliability and longevity, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


The Fantech VHR 150 features a preset defrost sequence activated at an outdoor air temperature of 23°F (-5°C) and lower. During the defrost sequence, the supply blower shuts down, and the exhaust blower switches into high speed, optimizing the defrost strategy's effectiveness.


For ease of maintenance, all key components— including the core, filters, fans, drain pan, and electrical panel—can be accessed easily from the access panel. The core conveniently slides out with only 17" (432 mm) clearance.


The cabinet is fully insulated with 1" (25 mm) foil-face high-density expanded polystyrene, helping to maintain stable temperatures inside the unit.


The HRV comes with two washable electrostatic panel type air filters, which measure 8.5" (216mm) x 15" (380 mm) x 0.125" (3mm).


The unit offers a three-position (Low/Stand By/Medium) external rocker switch for continuous ventilation. Fantech provides a variety of external control options, such as the ECO-Touch™ (Programmable Touch Screen Wall Control), EDF7 (Electronic multi-function dehumidistat), and RTS5 (20/40/60 minute over-ride), among others.


The Fantech VHR 150 is typically hung using an installation kit supplied with the unit. Mounting bolts are provided on the top four corners of the unit for ease of installation.


Fantech provides a limited lifetime warranty on the aluminum core, a seven-year warranty on motors, and a five-year warranty on parts, testifying to the product's robustness and reliability.


The Fantech VHR 150 Air Exchanger is a robust, efficient, and reliable HRV for home projects. With its impressive list of features and detailed specifications, it's an investment in maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Contact AirGreen, your trusted HVAC company in Montréal, for more information on the Fantech VHR 150 Air Exchanger. Let us help you improve your indoor air quality today.

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