FANTECH VHR 70 Air Exchanger Greater Montreal

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Serial Number: VHR 70
Type of air exchanger: HRV
Connection: VERTICAL
Dimensions (W x D x H): 21.5 x 17.13 x 10.25
  • Energy Star®: No
  • Warranty (Core-Motor-Parts): ∞-7-5
  • Voltage: 115 V
  • PCM/CFM - @ 0.4”: 59.0
  • Maximum sensible recovery efficiency: 70.0
  • Defrost cycle: Ventilation

Comprehensive Guide to Fantech VHR 70 Air Exchanger: A Product Review

Introducing the Fantech VHR 70 Air Exchanger

The Fantech VHR 70 Air Exchanger is a top-tier, high performing, and compact Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) that ensures a balanced air exchange in homes. As a leading product in Fantech’s impressive lineup, it is meticulously designed to maintain a healthy indoor climate, supplying fresh air into your home and eliminating an equivalent amount of stale air. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the VHR 70 is an excellent addition to any home in Montreal and beyond.

Airflow and Efficiency

Boasting an airflow of up to 57 cfm @ 0.4” w.g, the VHR 70 stands as a formidable solution to stale indoor air problems. This compact machine is designed to provide optimum ventilation control, making it the perfect air exchange solution for homes with 1-3 bedrooms. The top port design allows the VHR 70 to fit into tight spaces, ensuring minimal intrusion into your living area.

This unit ensures an efficient and effective exchange of air, thereby improving the indoor air quality. It does this by recovering energy from the extracted air and using it to temper the incoming fresh air. This process optimizes the energy required to pre-cool or pre-heat the newly introduced air, making the VHR 70 a highly energy-efficient solution.

Year-round Functionality

Regardless of the season, the VHR 70 remains functional thanks to its automatic defrost mechanisms. This functionality ensures that you can use your HRV all year round, maintaining a constant supply of fresh, quality air in your home. No worries about freezing conditions affecting your unit; the VHR 70 has got it covered.

Technical Specifications of Fantech VHR 70 Air Exchanger

Basic Product Information

The Fantech VHR 70 operates on a nominal voltage of 120V, with a frequency of 60Hz and single phase power supply. It has an input power of 48W and an input current of 0.4A. It has a static pressure of 0.4 in.wg and an air flow rate of 48 cfm. In terms of certification, the VHR 70 meets the stringent standards of CSA and HVI, assuring you of its quality and safety.

The Heat Exchanger

At the heart of the Fantech VHR 70 Air Exchanger is a high-efficiency heat recovery exchanger. This exchanger is responsible for harnessing energy from the outgoing air and using it to heat the incoming fresh air.

Weight and Installation

Weighing just 31.3 lb, the VHR 70 is relatively light for its class. This makes for easy transportation and installation. It is designed for a vertical installation type, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your home setup.

Performance Metrics

When it comes to performance, the VHR 70 delivers impressive results. At a supply temperature of 32 °F (0 °C), it delivers a net airflow of 66 cfm (31 L/s), consumes 42W of power, and achieves a sensible recovery efficiency of 63% and an adjusted sensible recovery efficiency of 67%. In colder conditions of -13 °F (-25 °C), the VHR 70 still performs impressively with a net airflow of 67 cfm (31 L/s), consumes 43W of power, and has a sensible recovery efficiency of 57% and an adjusted sensible recovery efficiency of 59%.

A Closer Look at the Fantech VHR 70 Air Exchanger Features

Compact Size and Design

The VHR 70's compact size is one of its most distinctive features. Despite its small size, it does not compromise on functionality or performance. It features a top port design that fits into tight spaces, making it ideal for homes where space is a premium.

Included Easy-Mount Wall Bracket

The inclusion of an easy-mount wall bracket with the VHR 70 simplifies the installation process. This component makes it convenient for users to mount the device securely in an appropriate location within the home.

Aluminum Heat Recovery Core

This air exchanger boasts an aluminum heat recovery core. This core is designed to maximize energy efficiency by recovering energy from the outgoing air and using it to temper the incoming fresh air. This process greatly reduces the energy required to heat or cool the incoming air, leading to energy savings for homeowners.

No Balancing Required

Unlike some air exchangers, the VHR 70 requires no balancing. This feature eliminates the need for regular adjustments, thus making it easier for homeowners to maintain the unit.

Easy Access Service Door

For quick and easy maintenance, the VHR 70 includes an easy access service door. This feature allows homeowners or service personnel to easily access the unit's interior components, simplifying the maintenance process.

Multi-Speed Operation

Depending on the ventilation needs of your home, the VHR 70 can operate at multiple speeds. This flexibility ensures optimal air exchange and energy efficiency at all times.

Optional Controls of Fantech VHR 70

Fantech provides several optional controls that can be paired with the VHR 70 for enhanced functionality. These include:

  • ECO-TouchIAQ: A programmable touch screen wall control for easy operation.
  • ECO-Feel: An automatic IAQ control that adjusts the operation of the VHR 70 based on indoor air quality.
  • EDF7: An electronic multi-function dehumidistat that helps to maintain optimal humidity levels within the home.
  • EDF1: A multi-function control offering more options for the operation of the VHR 70.
  • RTS-W: A wireless 20/40/60 minute timer offering convenient control over the operation of the VHR 70.
  • RTS5: A 20/40/60 minute override control.
  • RTS2: A 20-minute override control.
  • MDEH1: A dehumidistat for controlling the humidity levels within the home.

Fantech VHR 70: Certifications and Compliance

The Fantech VHR 70 complies with UL 1812, regulating the construction and installation of Heat Recovery Ventilators. It also complies with CSA C22.2, a standard applicable to ventilators, and CSA F326, which regulates the installation of HRVs. Its technical data was obtained from published results of tests relating to CSA C439 Standards, and it's HVI certified. This level of certification and compliance is a testament to the VHR 70's reliability, quality, and safety.


In summary, the Fantech VHR 70 Air Exchanger is a top-performing, energy-efficient, and compact HVAC solution. It's ideal for homeowners looking for a simple, reliable way to maintain a fresh and healthy indoor climate. With its advanced features, optional controls, and compliance with key industry standards, the VHR 70 is certainly a wise investment for any homeowner.

Trust AirGreen, your local HVAC company in Montréal, for all your Fantech VHR 70 installation and maintenance needs. We are committed to delivering top-notch services that guarantee your comfort and satisfaction. Contact us today and let's make your home a haven of fresh and healthy air.

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