GreenTek SOLACE 1.5H Air Exchanger Greater Montreal

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Serial Number: SOLACE 1.5H
Type of air exchanger: ERV/HRV
Connection: VERTICAL
Dimensions (W x D x H): 27.88 x 24.88 x 13.38
  • Energy Star®: Yes
  • Warranty (Core-Motor-Parts): ∞-7-5
  • Voltage: 115 V
  • PCM/CFM - @ 0.4”: 161.0
  • Maximum sensible recovery efficiency: 80.0
  • Defrost cycle: Recirculation - Ventilation

Ventilation for the Future: Greentek Solace 1.5H

The Greentek Solace 1.5H, part of the innovative Solace series from Systemair's Greentek, is a testament to the high-performance functionality and futuristic approach towards home ventilation. Combining supreme efficiency, practical design, and an unrivaled user-friendly operation, this Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) promises to deliver fresh, filtered air to your home while enhancing overall comfort levels.

Greentek Solace 1.5H Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Greentek, a Systemair company
  • Model Series: Solace Series
  • Model Description: Solace 1.5H
  • Ventilation Performance: 161 cfm @0.4 in. wg
  • Manufacturers’ Part Number: 463313
  • Fantech Equivalent Model: HERO 150H 99401
  • Wall Controller Included: none
  • Core Type: Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)
  • Defrost Type: Damper Defrost
  • Motor Type: PSC (Standard)
  • Heat Recovery Rate (SRE): 80%
  • Moisture Transfer rate: 0%

Key Features

  • Ventilation Capacity: Solace 1.5H ensures continuous ventilation, providing up to 161 cfm of fresh, filtered air while removing an equal amount of stale air from the home.
  • MERV8 Fresh Air Filter: Integrated MERV8 filter offers superior indoor air quality by efficiently removing airborne contaminants.
  • Unobstructed Front Access: The design of Solace 1.5H allows easy, unobstructed front access for smooth maintenance and operation.
  • Energy-Efficient Counter Flow Core: The Solace 1.5H utilizes an energy-efficient counterflow core that delivers exceptional heat transfer performance.
  • Multiple Speed Operation: The HRV operates at multiple speeds, allowing you to tailor the ventilation to your home's specific needs.
  • Damper Defrost: During colder conditions, the damper defrost feature comes into play, preventing frost formation and ensuring efficient operation.

Greentek's Solace 1.5H HRV is designed to tackle the ventilation requirements of tightly sealed modern homes. While natural infiltration through gaps and cracks in the building envelope does provide a certain amount of fresh air, it is often not sufficient for well-insulated homes. Mechanical ventilation is needed to remove excess moisture, odors, and contaminants while ensuring fresh air supply for occupants.

The Solace 1.5H provides a controlled way of ventilating a home. This HRV is capable of recovering up to 80% of the heat in the extracted air, using it to warm the fresh air drawn from the outside. In the summer, the energy from the extracted air cools the incoming warmer fresh air, reducing the load on air conditioning.

The Solace 1.5H comes equipped with a wall mount, external electrical box with easy-connect ports, integrated in-door manometer ports, and duct ports with plastic collar shrouds and integrated backdraft for a simple and fast installation. It also includes chains for easy mounting, making it a versatile addition to any home ventilation system.

The Solace series also offers recirculation defrost, making it ideal for high-humidity indoor conditions or colder outdoor climates. Its innovative counterflow core design offers more efficiency than existing crossflow technologies, and the entire Solace series is top-port designed to fit in tight spaces.

Pair the Solace 1.5H with the Greentek STS 2.0 Controller for seamless remote operation. Its key features, including round metal duct connections with rubberized duct seals, a removable screw terminal for easy connection with external access, and energy-efficient motors, further enhance the user experience.

In conclusion, the Greentek Solace 1.5H HRV delivers an efficient, comfortable, and quiet ventilation solution for homes of the future. With its advanced technology and design, it delivers superior performance that is in line with Greentek's commitment to enhancing indoor air quality and home comfort.

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