LIFEBREATH 267 MAX Air Exchanger Greater Montreal

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Serial Number: 267
Type of air exchanger: VRC
Connection: VERTICAL
Dimensions (W x D x H): 33.63 x 18.75 x 15
  • Energy Star®: Oui
  • Warranty (Core-Motor-Parts): ∞-5-5
  • Voltage: 115 V
  • PCM/CFM - @ 0.4”: 261.0
  • Maximum sensible recovery efficiency: 80.0
  • Defrost cycle: Recirculation

The LIFEBREATH 267 MAX Air Exchanger: A HVAC Revolution for Homes in Montreal

The air you breathe inside your home can have a significant impact on your comfort, health, and well-being. In Montreal, where winters can be harsh and summers hot, maintaining optimal air quality throughout the year is essential. This is where the LIFEBREATH 267 MAX air exchanger comes into play, providing exceptional ventilation and unmatched performance thanks to its advanced HVAC technology.

The LIFEBREATH 267 MAX: A Pioneer in Residential Ventilation

The LIFEBREATH 267 MAX is designed to transform your indoor air experience, with an impressive range of features to enhance your home's air quality, increase energy efficiency, and provide cutting-edge control over your home's ventilation. It features:

  • Patented Thermally Conductive Aluminum Core: It transfers heat between two counter-flowing air streams. Easily removable for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Motors and Fans: Equipped with an Electronic Commutating Motor (ECM), this air exchanger offers higher output and very low power consumption. Each air stream has its own independent centrifugal fan, allowing for multi-speed operation.
  • Filters: The 267 MAX is equipped with washable MERV-6 air filters in the exhaust and supply air streams, keeping indoor air pure and clean. An upgrade option to MERV-13 is also available.
  • Mounting: The corners of the housing are equipped with threaded inserts designed to accept the hooks and suspension straps provided with the unit, facilitating installation.
  • Defrost System: A recirculating damper defrost system.
  • Case: Made from 20 gauge pre-painted galvanized steel for superior corrosion resistance, the case is insulated to prevent exterior condensation. Balancing ports are located on the unit.
  • Drain Connection: Two drain connections with an outer diameter of 1/2 inch (12 mm).
  • Electronics: The unit includes the DXPL02 control, which can be wall-mounted in a central location in the home.

In addition, the LIFEBREATH 267 MAX includes several features that set it apart:

  • Energy Star Certified: The 267 MAX meets the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by Natural Resources Canada and the U.S. EPA. It meets ENERGY STAR® requirements only when used in Canada.
  • Sensible Efficiency: With an ASE of 80% at 64 CFM (30 L/s) at 32°F (0°C) and an SRE of 75% at 64 CFM (30 L/s) at 32°F (0°C), the 267 MAX offers impressive energy efficiency.
  • Weight and Dimensions: Weighing 57 lbs (25.8 kg) and having a shipping weight of 67 lbs (30 kg), the 267 MAX features a compact and easy-to-install design.

Optional Accessories for the LIFEBREATH 267 MAX

A range of accessories is available to maximize the use and functionality of your LIFEBREATH 267 MAX air exchanger:

  • Dual Hood (99-190)
  • Terminator Fitting (99-TM4, 99-TM5, 99-TM6)
  • Weather Hoods (99-185, 99-186, 99-187)
  • TechGrille (99-EAG4, 99-EAG5, 99-EAG6, 99-EAG8)

A Healthier Indoor Environment with the LIFEBREATH 267 MAX

Investing in superior air quality is not only an investment in your home, but also in your health and well-being. With the LIFEBREATH 267 MAX, you can enjoy cleaner, healthier air, improved energy efficiency, and flexible, hassle-free installation in Montreal. Contact AirGreen today to learn more about this revolutionary air exchanger and discover how it can transform your indoor air experience.

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