LIFEBREATH RNC4-TPD Air Exchanger Greater Montreal

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Serial Number: RNC4-TPD
Type of air exchanger: HRV
Connection: VERTICAL
Dimensions (W x D x H): 18.75 x 19.25 x 17.88
  • Energy Star®: Yes
  • Warranty (Core-Motor-Parts): ∞-5-5
  • Voltage: 115 V
  • PCM/CFM - @ 0.4”: 61.0
  • Maximum sensible recovery efficiency: 76.0
  • Defrost cycle: Recirculation - Ventilation

Discover the Revolution in Home Comfort: Our LIFEBREATH RNC4-TPD Air Exchanger

We at AirGreen are excited to introduce our latest product offering, the groundbreaking LIFEBREATH RNC4-TPD Air Exchanger. This top-of-the-line Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) is meticulously engineered to provide you with exceptional indoor air quality, unmatched energy efficiency, and ultimate comfort.

Superior Engineering

The LIFEBREATH RNC4-TPD Air Exchanger is a model of outstanding HVAC technology. Here are the key components that set it apart:

Unparalleled Heat Recovery Core

Our patented aluminum heat recovery core is thermally conductive and designed for efficient heat transfer between two air streams. It can be easily removed for cleaning or service, ensuring longevity and reliability.

High-Performance Motors and Blowers

Each air stream is powered by an independent motorized impeller, delivering a multi-speed fan operation. This unique feature enables us to cater to the different airflow requirements of your home.

Effective Air Filtration

The air exchanger comes with washable air filters for both exhaust and supply airstreams, ensuring cleaner and healthier air in your home.

Simple and Secure Mounting

The product is equipped with four threaded inserts at the corners of the cabinet designed to accept "S" hooks and hanging straps for easy and secure installation.

Advanced Defrost Mechanism

Our advanced recirculating damper defrost system prevents frost build-up in your unit, ensuring optimal performance even in harsh winter conditions.

Exceptional Build Quality

The LIFEBREATH RNC4-TPD Air Exchanger's case is crafted from twenty-gauge prepainted galvanized steel, promising superior corrosion resistance. It is insulated to prevent exterior condensation and has 2 - 1/2 in. (12 mm) OD drain connections. The unit's balancing ports are strategically located for convenience.

Adjustable High-Speed Settings

With installer-selectable high-speed settings, you can adjust your air exchanger's performance according to your specific needs. Adjustable DIP switches are conveniently located on the circuit board.

Sophisticated Electronics & Control Options

The optional control can be wall-mounted in a central location in your home, providing easy access and management. With a 3 wire, 20 gauge (min.), and 100 ft length (max.), you have the flexibility to install it in the most convenient location.

Efficient Timer Options

Our range of timer options provide high-speed ventilation for 20, 40, or 60-minute intervals, ensuring that your home gets a fresh air supply whenever needed. Our unique wireless timer connects wirelessly to the main control for ease of installation, with a 40' approximate range exclusive to our product.

Outstanding Performance & Specifications

The LIFEBREATH RNC4-TPD Air Exchanger boasts HVI-certified performance, promising high standards and reliable results. The unit's electrical specifications are meticulously designed to ensure energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


To underline our confidence in the LIFEBREATH RNC4-TPD Air Exchanger, we offer a lifetime warranty on the HRV core and a 5-year replacement parts warranty. Our commitment to quality service doesn't end at purchase; we're with you every step of the way.

Our mission at AirGreen is to provide innovative solutions for all your HVAC needs. With the LIFEBREATH RNC4-TPD Air Exchanger, we promise superior comfort, energy efficiency, and a healthier living environment. Connect with us today to learn more about this exciting product and how it can transform your home.

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