Air Exchanger VENMAR AVS® AI2 SERIES A180E75RT Greater Montreal

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SKU: A180E75RT
Serial Number: A180E75RT
Type of air exchanger:
Dimensions (W x D x H): 24.81 x 21.69 x 21
  • Energy Star®: Oui
  • Warranty (Core-Motor-Parts): ∞-5-5
  • Voltage: 115 V
  • PCM/CFM - @ 0.2”:
  • Maximum sensible recovery efficiency:
  • Defrost cycle:


At AirGreen, a renowned HVAC company based in Montreal, we're dedicated to providing premium HVAC sales and installation services throughout Greater Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore, and North Shore. Our passion for improved air quality and energy efficiency has led us to offer exceptional products in our Air Exchanger section, where we proudly present the Venmar Air Exchangers.

One standout product from our extensive portfolio is the VENMAR AVS® AI2 SERIES ERV 189 CFM 81% SRE A180E75RT, a cutting-edge solution that represents the future of air quality management. This product description will provide in-depth insights into this product and demonstrate why it stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Embrace the Future of Fresh Air

The VENMAR AVS® AI2 SERIES ERV 189 CFM 81% SRE A180E75RT is far more than just an air exchanger. This innovative device, featuring VIRTUO™ technology, represents the future of indoor air management. This technology not only enhances the overall air quality within your home but also promotes energy efficiency and ease of use.

The inclusion of VIRTUO™ technology in the Venmar AVS ERV facilitates one of the quickest installations in its category, potentially saving up to 20 minutes compared to similar products. This expedient process is thanks to auto-balancing and self-adjusting technology, which dramatically reduces the complexity of the installation process. Moreover, the built-in LCD screen delivers real-time airflows, power consumption, and acts as a diagnostic error tool.

Designed for Efficiency and Performance

The VENMAR AVS® AI2 SERIES ERV A180E75RT is designed to consistently deliver outstanding results in terms of airflow verification. This performance is consistent across different types of dwellings, demonstrating its flexibility and adaptability.

One of the key selling points of this ERV is its powerful and efficient ECM PMSM motors, which can deliver up to 189 CFM. This capability makes the A180E75RT an ideal solution for larger homes where effective air management is crucial.

Moreover, installing an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) can substantially improve the indoor air quality of your home. This device supplies a stream of filtered, tempered fresh air from the outdoors while simultaneously exhausting stale polluted air from inside your home. The result? Healthier, more comfortable air in your living spaces.

Enhanced Air Quality

The A180E75RT is designed to deliver superior air quality. Its standard MERV 8 filter features a larger capture area than many competing units, resulting in more effective air filtration. Plus, this design saves homeowners money over the long term due to the filter's reusable, easy-to-wash design.

Seamless Setup with VIRTUO™ Technology

The A180E75RT ERV simplifies the installation process through the application of VIRTUO™ technology. This feature takes care of airflow verification and balancing, eliminating two complex aspects of the installation process. The result is a set-it-and-forget-it simplicity that homeowners will love.

Moreover, the airflow verification, auto-balancing, and self-adjustment technology ensures that the initial configuration quality is maintained across all types of dwellings. This feature adds another layer of convenience for both installers and users.

Powerful and Energy-Efficient Design

The VENMAR AVS® AI2 SERIES ERV 189 CFM 81% SRE A180E75RT is equipped with proprietary ECM PMSM motors, which are known for their energy-efficient operation. This superior ERV core performance and durability reach up to 81% SRE at 0°C at 66 CFM and certified at 64% SRE -25°C at 83 CFM.

The ERV comes with an included MERV 8 filter for enhanced air quality, and high filtration options are available. The device also features an integrated LCD screen for easy CFM setting and real-time monitoring of airflows and power consumption.

Easy Installation and High Compatibility

The VENMAR AVS® AI2 SERIES ERV 189 CFM 81% SRE A180E75RT offers both top and side port configurations to accommodate different installation locations. The device includes universal brackets for wall-mount installation or chains for suspended installation.

Furthermore, this product is compatible with a wide range of modern and user-friendly controls to meet specific needs and different applications.

ENERGY STAR® Certified

The A180E75RT ERV is not just about delivering superior air quality and energy efficiency. It's also about meeting the highest industry standards. This product is proudly ENERGY STAR® certified and meets the rigorous energy efficiency guidelines set by Natural Resources Canada and the US EPA.

Our Commitment at AirGreen

At AirGreen, we believe in offering our customers nothing but the best. With our extensive industry experience and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we deliver a level of service that's second to none in the HVAC sector. Our expert team stands ready to help you choose the right HVAC solutions for your needs, providing professional installation and extended after-sales support.

With the VENMAR AVS® AI2 SERIES ERV 189 CFM 81% SRE A180E75RT, we're confident that we're providing a product that adds significant value to your home. When you choose AirGreen, you're not just choosing a product or a service – you're choosing quality, reliability, and peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about the VENMAR AVS® AI2 SERIES ERV 189 CFM 81% SRE A180E75RT and discover how we can transform the air quality in your home. With AirGreen, the future of fresh air is here.

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