Air Exchanger VENMAR AVS® S SERIES 41700 Greater Montreal

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SKU: 41700
Serial Number: 41700
Type of air exchanger:
Dimensions (W x D x H): 27.13 x 9 x 20
  • Energy Star®: Oui
  • Warranty (Core-Motor-Parts): ∞-5-5
  • Voltage: 115 V
  • PCM/CFM - @ 0.2”:
  • Maximum sensible recovery efficiency:
  • Defrost cycle:

The Ultimate Indoor Air Solution: VENMAR AVS® S SERIES™ ERV 108 CFM 65% SRE SIDE PORTS 41700

AirGreen, a reputable HVAC company based in Montreal, takes pride in offering premium HVAC sales and installation services throughout Greater Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore, and North Shore. Known for our commitment to excellence, we maintain a special section on our website dedicated to Air Exchangers, featuring a high-quality array of Venmar Air Exchangers.

A standout product in this range is the VENMAR AVS® S SERIES™ ERV 108 CFM 65% SRE SIDE PORTS 41700. This exceptional ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) redefines the concept of indoor air quality with its sophisticated design and superlative features.

The VENMAR AVS® S SERIES™ ERV 108 CFM 65% SRE SIDE PORTS 41700, commonly known as the S10 ERV, is your perfect choice for condominiums, and other residential units. Capable of delivering an airflow rate up to 108 CFM, the S10 ERV presents an unbeatable combination of compact design and unmatched energy efficiency.

Compact Design for Easy Installation

With a thickness of merely nine inches, the S10 ERV installs effortlessly in the ceiling of any living unit. Despite its compactness, it provides a cost-effective solution that does not compromise on performance.

Advanced Blower Design

The S10 ERV features an advanced blower design that significantly reduces the noise generated from air displacement in the ERV. Additionally, its integrated anti-vibration installation system eliminates noise associated with installation directly onto concrete ceilings, ensuring a quiet, peaceful indoor environment.

Convenient and Quick Installation

The S10 ERV promises an easy and fast in-ceiling installation with its innovative snap-fit brackets and an ingenious snap-in hooking system. These features greatly reduce installation time, while the robust, 100% metal components cater to rigorous jobsite conditions.

MERV 8 Filtration Option

For those seeking a higher degree of air purity, the S10 ERV offers an optional MERV 8 filtration.

ColdShield™ Cold Protection System

A remarkable feature of the S10 ERV is its ColdShield™ cold protection system. This advanced system ensures that supply air is tempered even under extremely cold conditions, which protects the equipment. Furthermore, this technology requires no drain, simplifying the installation process.


To provide you with peace of mind, the S10 ERV comes with a 5-year warranty on parts, with the original proof of purchase.

Superior Construction

The S10 ERV showcases exceptional construction with its galvanized steel housing and door. The one-piece molded insulation shell, made of expanded polystyrene (UL 94 HF-1 certified), ensures superior insulation. Additionally, it features galvanized steel 5" diameter ports*, steel door hinges and latches, and cold side ports with a plastic ring that allows vapor barrier sealing. All these attributes contribute to the unit's durability and high performance. It does not require a drain, further easing the installation process.

(*Please note, all unit ports are created to be connected to ducts having a minimum of 5” diameter. However, they can be connected to larger sized ducts using an appropriate transition, e.g., a 5” diameter to 6” diameter transition.)

Reliable Motors

The S10 ERV is powered by two high-reliability, external rotor PSC motors, which are totally enclosed and thermally protected. These backward blowers are designed to support high static pressure environments.

ERV Core

The heart of the S10 ERV is its crossflow aluminum-polymerized paper core. This UL723 certified core leverages hydroscopic polymer exchange water by direct vapor transfer, using molecular transport without the need for condensation. It's constructed of alternate layers of corrugated aluminum material and polymeric bactericide dessiccant impregnated media, which do not promote the growth of mold or bacteria.


The S10 ERV comes equipped with an integrated push-button control for low or high-speed operation. The LED indicator shows operating modes and error codes. The unit must be permanently energized, meaning no control should be installed on the power supply of the unit.

Defrost Cycles

The unit operation includes a choice of regular or extended defrost cycles, according to climatic conditions. The unit is equipped with Coldshield™ protection to stop air supply in the dwelling if the air supply temperature drops below the freezing point due to abnormal conditions.

Air Flow Balancing

Unit door is equipped with pressure taps and a balancing chart to allow verification of balancing of the ERV unit. Balancing dampers are integrated into cold supply and cold exhaust ports.

Compliance with Standards

The S10 ERV is certified as per CSA C439 Standards. It's certified to UL 1812 safety standard for ducted heat recovery ventilators, to CSA C22.2 No. 113 safety standard for fans and ventilators, and it complies with CSA C444 requirements regulating the installation of Energy Recovery Ventilators.

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