Sharp Plasmacluster® 7000 Series KCP110CW Air Purifier and Humidifier

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Numéro de Série : KCP110CW
WiFI : Included
Energy Star : Yes
Niveau Sonore (dB) : 21 - 55
Voltage : 115V
Dimensions (L x P x H) : 15.8 x 12.4 x 28.6
  • Purificateur d'Air : Yes
  • Humidificateur : Yes
  • Ioniseur d'Air : Yes

Sharp Plasmacluster® 7000 Series KCP110CW Air Purifier: Product Introduction by AirGreen

AirGreen, your trusted HVAC specialist in Montreal, is excited to present a flagship product in the category of air purifiers, the "Sharp Plasmacluster® 7000 Series KCP110CW Air Purifier". Equipped with cutting-edge technology to optimize the air quality in your home or office, this air purifier exemplifies our commitment to sustainable innovation and our customers' health.

Exceptional Features of the Sharp Plasmacluster® 7000 Series KCP110CW Air Purifier

The Sharp Plasmacluster® 7000 Series KCP110CW Air Purifier is equipped with the unique Plasmacluster® technology. This innovative technology purifies the air you breathe every day, effectively eliminating a wide range of contaminants. It is designed to combat dust, bacteria, viruses, mites, household allergens, exhaust fumes, smoke odors, bathroom odors, garbage odors, mold spores, microbes, pet odors, and even pollen.

Plasmacluster Technology: A Revolution in Air Purification

Plasmacluster technology is at the heart of Sharp air purifiers, and AirGreen is proud to incorporate this stunning innovation into its product range. But what is Plasmacluster technology? Why is it so effective in enhancing the air quality we breathe every day?

Plasmacluster Ions: A Perfect Imitation of Nature

Plasmacluster ions are made from the same types of positive and negative ions that exist in nature. Humans are constantly surrounded by these natural ions. Plasmacluster technology generates positive hydrogen ions (H⁺) and negative oxygen ions (O₂⁻). In simple terms, Plasmacluster ions are naturally occurring airborne water and oxygen, but in a different form.

Formation of Plasmacluster Ions

Sharp has devised an innovative method to ionize the water and oxygen in the air. Through a plasma discharge, where voltage is applied to the discharge electrode, positive hydrogen ions (H⁺) and negative oxygen ions (O₂⁻) are generated from the water and oxygen in the air.

The generated ions, due to their electrical charge, attract water molecules in the air (H₂O) that surround them and form stable cluster ions. This grouping of ions is called a "cluster", a term inspired by the clustering of grapes on a vine.

The Inhibitory Mechanism of Plasmacluster Technology

The positive (H⁺) and negative (O₂⁻) ions of Plasmacluster technology bond on the surface of airborne viruses and other substances and change into OH radicals. These OH radicals have extremely strong oxidizing power, which enables them to quickly extract hydrogen (H) from the protein on the surface of viruses and other substances, thus decomposing the protein and inhibiting its activity.

The surface of undesirable substances such as bacteria and allergens mainly consists of protein. Removing the hydrogen atom (H) from this structure neutralizes the undesirable substance. Moreover, the OH radical bonds with the removed hydrogen atom (H) to immediately form water (H₂O), which is returned to the air.

Plasmacluster Technology and Static Electricity

Plasmacluster technology is also effective in removing static electricity, which comes from objects having taken on a positive or negative charge. Being composed of both positive and negative ions, Plasmacluster reacts to both. Plasmacluster's negative ions will bond with a positively charged substance, and its positive ions will bond with a negatively charged substance. In either case, the static electricity is eliminated.

In summary, Plasmacluster technology offers an effective and natural solution for improving indoor air quality. It mimics natural processes to eliminate viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other unwanted particles from the air, while reducing static electricity. AirGreen is proud to present this innovative technology in its products, thereby contributing to creating a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment for everyone.

Pioneering Innovation: The Triple Filtration System

The Sharp Plasmacluster® 7000 Series KCP110CW Air Purifier is a true pioneer in innovation, revealing the hidden properties of air through its triple filtration system. This system consists of a true anti-microbial HEPA filter, a washable active charcoal filter, and a washable "Microscreen" pre-filter. Each of these filters plays a crucial role in air purification:

  • The high-performance antibacterial HEPA filter: This state-of-the-art filter is designed to capture 99.97% of particles present in the air passing through the filter, from 0.3 microns and up.
  • The activated carbon deodorizing filter: This filter helps reduce common household odors to create a more pleasant environment at home.
  • The washable "Microscreen" pre-filter: Designed to trap dust and other large airborne particles, this washable filter is an effective first line of defense against airborne pollutants.

Technological Compatibility and Ease of Use

This air purifier is compatible with Hey Google and Amazon Alexa, meaning you can control the device remotely using voice commands. Imagine simply saying, "Alexa, tell Sharp Air to turn on" and watch your air purifier spring into action to ensure pure, fresh air in your home.


We take our environmental responsibility to heart. That's why we are delighted that this air purifier carries several ecological features. It has a consumption of about 0.3 W in standby mode to save energy. The lead-free solder used in all printed circuit boards attests to our commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. Plus, no flame-retardant PBDEs are used in the construction of this device. Finally, its design allows for disassembly for recycling purposes at the end of its lifespan.

Product Specifications and Dimensions

The Sharp Plasmacluster® 7000 Series KCP110CW Air Purifier is effective up to 2,603 square feet at one air change per hour, making it ideal for large rooms. It can filter the air in an AHAM-recommended room size of 538 square feet at 4.8 air changes per hour. The true HEPA filter and the active carbon filter can last up to 2 years depending on the environment. The unpacked dimensions of the product are 15.8 inches in width, 12.4 inches in depth, and 28.6 inches in height.


At AirGreen, we are committed to providing quality solutions that enhance your comfort and health. The Sharp Plasmacluster® 7000 Series KCP110CW Air Purifier is the perfect example of our commitment. Contact us today to learn more about this exceptional air purifier and how it can improve the air quality in your home or office.

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