Heat Pump Packaged System Trane XR13.4h 2 Ton | Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore

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SKU: 4WHC4024A
Serial Number (Exterior): 4WHC4024A
Tons: 2 T
Cooling Capacity: 24 000 BTU
Energy Star: Non
SEER: 16.0
HSPF: 8.2
CFM: 830.0
Sound Pressure Level: 74.0 dB(A)
Gas (Freon): R-410A
Dimensions (W x D x H): 32 x 44 x 31
Manufacturer's Warranty (Compressor - Coil - Parts): 10-10-10

Introducing the 2 Ton Trane XR13.4h Packaged Heat Pump System: A Comprehensive Review

At AirGreen, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch HVAC services across Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, and South Shore. As part of our commitment to providing our customers with the best, we're excited to introduce the Trane XR13.4h Packaged Heat Pump System. This article will delve deep into the features, benefits, and technical specifications of this state-of-the-art unit.

A Glimpse into Trane's Legacy

Trane has long been recognized as a leader in the HVAC industry, consistently delivering products that combine innovation with reliability. Their packaged unit systems are no exception, offering everything in a compact cabinet with the flexibility for both rooftop and ground installations. Trane's commitment to excellence is evident in their accolades, having been named America's Most Trusted® HVAC Brand for eight consecutive years.

XR13.4h: A Closer Look

The XR13.4h is a testament to Trane's dedication to quality and performance. Here's what sets this unit apart:

  • Efficient Performance: With an SEER2 rating of up to 13.4 for cooling and an HSPF2 rating of up to 6.7 for heating, this unit promises efficiency without compromising on performance.

  • Flexible Design: The XR13.4h comes in four unique models, allowing homeowners the choice between rooftop or ground-level installation, catering to various space requirements.

  • Quiet Operation: Enhanced with a state-of-the-art fan system, this unit operates with minimal noise, ensuring a peaceful environment in your home.

  • Durability: Features like the Climatuff™ compressor, appliance-grade finish, and electronic demand defrost ensure that this system is built to last, regardless of where it's installed.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Trane
  • Model: 4WHC4024A
  • Type: Heat Pump Packaged System
  • Tons: 2
  • SEER: 16
  • HSPF: 8.2
  • Sound Level: 74 dB
  • Indoor Airflow: 830 CFM
  • Gas: R-410A
  • Dimensions: 32 x 44 x 31 inches
  • Warranty: 10 years (Compressor-Coil-Parts)

Additional Features Worth Noting

  • Durable Weather-Beater Top: Specially designed to withstand the elements.

  • All-Aluminum Spine Fin™ Coil: Offers resistance to corrosion and ensures efficient airflow.

  • Climatuff® Compressor: Known for its reliability and efficient, quiet operation.

  • Advanced Electronic Demand Defrost: Prolongs compressor life by eliminating unnecessary defrost cycles.

  • Variable-Speed Blower Motor with Comfort-R™: Ensures even temperature distribution and precise humidity control.

Why Choose the XR13.4h?

The XR13.4h is not just a heat pump; it's a commitment to comfort, efficiency, and reliability. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current system or are in the market for a new installation, this unit promises to deliver on all fronts. With Trane's legacy and AirGreen's dedication to customer satisfaction, you're in good hands.

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