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Tosot Apex Central Heat Pump - Exceptional Performance and Efficiency by AirGreen

  • AirGreen is excited to introduce the Tosot Apex Central Heat Pump, a cutting-edge HVAC solution that offers unparalleled performance, efficiency, and flexibility. Designed with the latest inverter technology and R410A refrigerant, the Apex Central Heat Pump is a high-end central air system that provides optimal heating and cooling even in extreme temperatures. This article will explore the unique features, benefits, and specifications of the Tosot Apex Central Heat Pump from the perspective of AirGreen.

    Efficiency, Low Footprint, and Low Noise

    The Tosot Apex Central Heat Pump is characterized by its high energy efficiency, achieving up to 18 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and 11 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). The system's low footprint and low noise level ensure a comfortable and unobtrusive installation in your home or business. With sound pressure levels as low as 52 dB(A) for outdoor units and 45 dB(A) for indoor units, the Apex Heat Pump provides a quiet and efficient operation.

  • Tosot Inverter Technology

    Tosot's advanced inverter technology prevents the uncomfortable temperature swings often experienced with non-inverter HVAC systems. This innovative technology offers unparalleled comfort and performance, ensuring consistent temperature control throughout your space.

    Low Ambient Heating

    The Tosot Apex Central Heat Pump boasts impressive low ambient heating capabilities, providing heat even at temperatures as low as -22°F / -30°C. This exceptional performance makes the Apex Heat Pump a perfect solution for central heating systems in challenging climates.

    Compatibility with 24V Thermostats

    The Apex Central Heat Pump is compatible with a wide range of 24V thermostats, ensuring easy integration with your existing HVAC setup. This compatibility allows for seamless control and customization of your heating and cooling preferences.

  • High CFM Output

    The Apex air handler is capable of pushing out up to 2200 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow. This high CFM output is sufficient for even large homes, ensuring efficient and effective heating and cooling across the entire space.

    Energy-saving Features and Functions

    The Tosot Apex Central Heat Pump is equipped with a range of energy-saving features, such as:

    • Program Dry Function: Helps maintain optimal humidity levels in your space
    • Econo Mode: Reduces energy consumption during periods of lower demand
    • Powerful Operation Mode: Ensures rapid heating or cooling when needed
    • Auto Changeover (Heat Pump Only): Automatically switches between heating and cooling modes as necessary
  • Additional Features and Specifications

    The Apex Central Heat Pump offers numerous additional features and specifications, including:

    • Washable Air Filter: Ensures clean and healthy air circulation
    • Backlit Wireless Remote Controller: Offers convenient and user-friendly control
    • Auto Fan Speed Control: Adjusts fan speed automatically for optimal performance
    • Self Diagnostics with Digital Display: Simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance
    • Auto Restart after Power Failure: Restores previous settings once power is restored
    • Anti-Corrosion Heat Exchanger Treatment: Protects against corrosion and extends system lifespan
    • Quick warming function (Heat Pump): Provides rapid heating when needed
    • Hot-start function (Heat Pump): Ensures a comfortable temperature from the start
    • Automatic defrosting (Heat Pump): Prevents frost buildup and maintains efficiency
  • Warranty Information

    The Tosot Apex Central Heat Pump is backed by a 10-year Parts Replacement Limited Warranty*, offering peace of mind and long-term protection for your investment.


    The Tosot Apex Central Heat Pump, brought to you by AirGreen, is an innovative and high-performance HVAC solution that delivers exceptional comfort, energy efficiency, and installation flexibility. With its advanced inverter technology, low ambient heating capabilities, compatibility with 24V thermostats, and a range of energy-saving features, the Apex Central Heat Pump is the ideal choice for homeowners and businesses seeking a top-of-the-line heating and cooling system. AirGreen is proud to offer the Tosot Apex Central Heat Pump as part of our commitment to providing the highest quality HVAC solutions for our valued customers.

    Experience the unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and performance of the Tosot Apex Central Heat Pump today. Trust AirGreen to help you find the perfect HVAC system for your unique needs, and enjoy the benefits of a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly, and reliable heating and cooling solution for years to come.