Wall Mounted Heat Pump LG DUALCOOL WHITE GLOSS of 30 000 BTU Montreal

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Cooling Capacity : 30 000 BTU
Heating Capacity : -20°C
Serial Number (Interior) : LSN303HLV3
Serial Number (Exterior) : LSN303HLV3
Dimensions Interior (L x D x H) : 46.88 x 10.44 x 13.63
Dimensions Exterior (L x D x H) : 34.25 x 12.59 x 31.5
  • Federal Grant : 2 500$ / 5 000$
  • Provincial Grant : 985$
  • Energy Star® : No
  • WiFi : Included
  • AHRI : 204825183
  • Efficiency : 19.0 SEER
  • Warranty (Compressor - Parts - Labor) : 10-10-0
  • Extended Warranty (10-10-10) : Available
  • Pipes : 3/8 - 5/8
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Sound Pressure Level (Exterior) : 58.0 dB(A)
  • Sound Pressure Level (Interior) : 43 / 51dB(A)
  • Gas (Freon) : R-410A

Installation and distribution of the LG DualCool White Gloss ThinQ Wall-Mounted Heat Pump of 30 000 BTU, in Greater Montreal.

The LG DUALCOOL™ White Gloss is a very powerful heat pump with an ENERGY STAR® qualified high-efficiency heating and cooling system. This series comes with a 10-year warranty on parts and 10 years on the compressor and is federally and provincially subsidized. Everything to allow you to live comfortably all year round, even in extreme weather conditions in winter, thanks to LG's advanced technologies.

LG's ThinQ technology

The ThinQ app allows access to your air conditioner from anywhere, at home or away, and anytime using any device with Wi-Fi and the exclusive appliance control app by LG.


Fast and powerful cooling and heating: Energy Star® certified

LG's DUALCOOL™ WHITE GLOSS Series offers a powerful, high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® qualified cooling and heating system. Live comfortably all year round, even in the coldest weather conditions, thanks to our advanced technology.

Sleek ARTCOOL design

LG's DUALCOOL Mini Split blends in with your interior space with its sleek, minimalist style. It is one of the only glossy heat pumps on the Quebec market! The mirrored glass on its front reflects the immediate environment to enhance your interior and harmonize the integration of the air conditioner. In addition, thanks to the solidity of the glass, it is of a timeless beauty. This is for those looking for something different than the usual white heat pump!


Energy saving, fast cooling

The inverter compressor of the DualCool White Gloss heat pump maintains the desired temperature by easily adapting its speed continuously to the slightest change! Plus, with its energy-efficient operating range, LG's Dual Inverter Compressor™ even saves up to 70% more energy and cools a room up to 40%+ faster than conventional air-cooled systems. competition compressor!


Low noise level

A heat pump recognized for its quiet operation! LG Dual Cool White Gloss Mini Splits operate at very low noise levels thanks to LG's exclusive Bias Fan and Dual Inverter Compressor™, which eliminates unnecessary noise and therefore smooth operation.


10 year warranty!

LG's Dual Cool White Gloss heat pumps come with a 10-year warranty on parts and 10 years on the compressor! It is also possible to add a 10-year warranty on labor with Prime Assurance, to ensure real peace of mind for at least 10 years!


Smart Diagnosis Technology

Smart Diagnosis technology of the LG DualCool White Gloss will allow you to easily check configuration, installation, troubleshooting and other information directly from a smart phone, via WiFi connection, at any time! It is a very interesting tool for all that is after-sales service! This will allow us to make a diagnosis quickly and resolve any inconvenience as soon as possible!



Other Interesting Features:

Dual Inverter Compressor™

The LG Dual Cool White Gloss's compressor has a higher rotation frequency, which saves more energy and provides a faster cooling range.

TUV Rheinland

TUV Rheinland, Fast Cooling and Energy Saving Rate Certification (US-W242Kxy0/TS-H2465DA0).


The optimized design of the air outlet achieves a more powerful airflow that helps cool the room quickly.

Automatic cleaning

The LG Dual Cool White Gloss's self-cleaning feature prevents bacteria and mold from forming on the heat exchanger, providing a more pleasant and comfortable environment for the user.

6 position vertical slat

LG Dual Cool White Gloss users can choose the direction of the blade from 6 pre-set positions to have an airflow direction according to their desire.

Gold Fin™

The Gold Fin™ feature ensures that the surface of the heat exchanger is more resistant to corrosion, while significantly improving its life.

Comfort Sleep

Comfort Sleep guarantees optimal comfort with the automatic adjustment of 3 functions in one click (indirect airflow / 7h stop / light ventilation and sleep time).


Main Characteristics : 

  • 4-Way auto-swing
  • 24-Hour on/off timer
  • AutoOperation
  • Auto-restart
  • Chaos wind
  • Inverter (variable speed fan)
  • JetCool
  • 3M HAF-Filter
  • Self-cleaning indoor coil
  • Sleep mode
  • Condensate Sensor Connection
  • Group control
  • Smart AC module

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