Wall-Mounted Heat Pump Sharp ZU of 18 000 BTU Montreal

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Cooling Capacity : 18 000 BTU
Heating Capacity : -27°C
Serial Number (Interior) : AY-XPC18ZU
Serial Number (Exterior) : AE-X18ZU
Dimensions Interior (L x D x H) : 41.42 x 9.80 x 12.44
Dimensions Exterior (L x D x H) : 33.47 x 13 x 27.94
  • Federal Grant : 2 500$ / 5 000$
  • Provincial Grant : 690$
  • Energy Star® : Yes
  • WiFi : Included
  • AHRI : 210301933
  • Efficiency : 24.0 SEER
  • Warranty (Compressor - Parts - Labor) : 10-10-10
  • Extended Warranty (10-10-10) : Included
  • Pipes : 1/4 - 3/8
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Sound Pressure Level (Exterior) : 52.0 dB(A)
  • Sound Pressure Level (Interior) : 25 / 49 dB(A)
  • Gas (Freon) : R-32

Installation and distribution of the 18 000 BTU Sharp ZU wall-mounted heat pump, throughout Greater Montreal.

The all-new SHARP ZU 18 000 BTU Wall-Mounted Heat Pump: the first to use the brand new R-32 freon. This system provides homeowners with a greener, more energy efficient, and compatible with the transition to new government energy efficiency standards and regulations in 2025.

ZU series air conditioners and heat pumps offer an excellent compromise between performance and an affordable price. It is a modern system that can provide heating up to outdoor temperatures of -27o C and possesses the most modern technologies and features on the market. Combining several of SHARP’s state of the art technologies such as Plasmacluster technology, COANDA airflow control, new SHARP connectivity and a new type of more efficient refrigerant, it is a product that encompasses performance, comfort, and reliability.

Plasmacluster: Superior Air Purification

SHARP products are the only ones that work to reproduce natural air purification. This technology is unique to SHARP products and allows these heat pumps and air conditioners to stand out from any competition. You will not find any mini split or central heat pump that neutralizes airborne bacteria and viruses, in addition to eliminating mold and other contaminants in the indoor air of your home as efficiently. Plasmacluster technology purifies the air and protects your health. Some key advantages include:

  • Eliminates airborne viruses.
  • Removes mold and airborne microbes.
  • Fights odors and tobacco residue.
  • Fights airborne allergens.
  • Breaks down and removes sticky odors in your home.

How does it work?

The Plasmacluster mechanism provides superior air purification and elimination of mold, viruses, allergens, and odors. This neutralization is done in three main steps:

  1. Diffusion of ions
    1. An ion is a molecule carrying an electrical charge. There are two categories: cations (with a positive charge) and anions (with a negative charge).
    2. Plasmacluster cations and anions are identical to those found in nature. These ions are surrounded by water molecules, which gives them a very long life. The discharges of the Plasmacluster make it possible to diffuse the necessary ions.
    3. You should know that positive ions (H+) and negative ions (02-) are constantly present in the ambient air, although in another form.
  2. Plasmacluster ions attack allergens, mold, and airborne molecules
    1. The diffused ions create highly oxidized hydroxyl (HO) radicals which can attack allergens, viruses, and mold. Ions remove hydrogen from surface proteins. In this way, the Plasmacluster ions attack and destroy the contaminants.
  3. Transformation of ions into water and humidity
    1. Hydroxyl radicals join with hydrogen (H) to return to the surrounding air as newly created water (H20).

Sharp is a world leader in air purification products and technology. Their products equipped with Plasmacluster technology surpassed the threshold of 100 million units sold in 2022.

Airflow Control and the Coanda Flap

While it is true that SHARP mini splits are distinguished by their air purification, it is also true and even more noticeable that their airflow redirection and control mechanisms are a feature just as unique and efficient. This is the Coanda airflow. Unlike Plasmacluster, the Coanda effect was not invented by and does not belong to SHARP, but rather is a phenomenon we can all observe in nature. SHARP air conditioners and heat pumps simply use natural tendencies to ensure temperature uniformity in your home. With this technology, homeowners don’t have to worry about receiving airflow directly on them.

At AirGreen, we understand that many homes in Montreal and Quebec will have a mini split air conditioner or heat pump with an interior unit located away from certain rooms. If the installed product is not well chosen, it may produce a great lack of uniformity in heat and cool air. Since we don't want to be cold in one room and hot in another, SHARP heat pumps and air conditioners take advantage of mechanisms that reproduce another effect of Mother Nature: the Coanda effect. Indeed, we can measure the tendency of gases and liquids to be attracted by certain convex surfaces over which they flow. The flow follows an initial surface and then undergoes a deflection which will detach the fluid onto a new trajectory. SHARP heat pumps and air conditioners take advantage of this phenomenon by directing the air along the appropriate walls and ceilings, depending on whether you want to heat or cool. Thus, by reaching strategic surfaces first, SHARP systems allow temperature harmonization in the targeted rooms.

The Coanda airflow control mechanism also allows Plasmacluster ions to flow into deeper corners of your home. It is an excellent technology that avoids direct contact between the air in the system and the inhabitants of the dwelling. If you are looking for ambient comfort without a room or space becoming too hot or too cold, Coanda airflow offers you the best solution.

You should always make sure to install a heat pump powerful enough to cover the space. With the combination of Plasmacluster and Coanda technologies, you will have the peace of mind of having a more uniform temperature and air purification everywhere around your home.

The long diffuser flap on the interior heads of SHARP heat pumps is an addition that contributes to the unparalleled airflow control of SHARP products. The diffuser shutter performs several functions at once. It maximizes air intake to the inner head while minimizing airflow losses. In addition, the airflow is directed so as not to blow on the user. You can therefore install SHARP products without worrying about a draft felt by the occupants of the space directly in front of the interior head.

The long diffuser flap allows a controlled airflow at distances of up to 15 meters. Since it directs cold air up and warm air down, the use of heat pumps will not disturb the occupants of the room. Fluid mechanics inspires this unique shutter which opens differently according to the needs of the occupants.

Plus, 4-way sweeping establishes horizontal, vertical, right-side, and left-side airflow to ensure all spaces are evenly cooled and heated.

Japanese Innovation

Hot Gas Pipe System (patented)

Following the example of the THU heat pumps and air conditioners, the ZHU and ZU series were built for comfort in extreme conditions. In fact, the heating mode of the ZHU and ZU heat pumps works perfectly down to exterior temperatures of -27oC. SHARP's "Hot Gas Pipe" technology allows residual heat to move through the piping. This prevents the outdoor compressor from freezing and allows the machine to operate normally.


When the heat pump is put in defrost mode, the machine circulates hot gas to the condensation pan of the heat exchanger. This helps prevent pooling and freezing of drain water. The water is then evacuated through the drainage holes of the condensation tray.

With the extreme winter seasons in Quebec, the outdoor units of heat pumps must sometimes undergo a defrost function. When the heat pump performs this task, the heating is suspended inside. SHARP technology allows you to shorten defrosting time by 60%, resulting in better room temperature conservation, more energy efficiency and higher levels of comfort inside.

Several Drainage Holes

A simple, yet effective way to prevent the ZU’s outdoor compressor water from freezing is to improve drainage. SHARP compressors have multiple drainage holes which allow the condensate pan to drain more efficiently.

Anticorrosive Coating

SHARP compressors are fitted with a special anti-corrosive product which is applied to different parts of the unit. This coating improves the long-term durability and reliability of the mini split, allowing us to offer you an excellent warranty on all SHARP products.


Inverter technology

SHARP heat pumps are designed to save energy in addition to offering excellent performance. It is therefore essential that all SHARP heat pumps sold by AirGreen have SHARP Inverter technology. An inverter circuit in the compressor can control and maintain room temperature. It allows inverter heat pumps to stay on by varying the airflow. Heat pumps without an inverter must constantly shut down and restart, which greatly increases energy consumption (and energy bills).

  • Inverter systems are those that go into energy saving as soon as the desired indoor temperature is reached. Using high power DC motors for the outdoor unit and a linear pulse expander, SHARP heat pumps will consume less energy for the same airflow.
  • Inverter heat pumps are capable of running at full power when needed, but can often be left in energy saving without affecting cooling or heating performance. The interior temperature remains much more uniform and offers superior comfort to the occupants of the dwelling.


Multi Space

In addition to the use of the Coanda effect and Plasmacluster technology, SHARP heat pumps have a Multi Space function which allows the ZU series mini splits to distribute air in several rooms in a uniform and balanced way. The multi space button on your ZU remote control balances and harmonizes the temperature of several rooms. This airflow control is achieved with a rotating flap that can rotate up to 180 degrees. To heat, the shutter makes sure to send more hot air downwards. To cool, the flap directs the airflow upwards. Moreover, you can also change the angle of the flap according to your preference allowing you to achieve your ideal comfort.

At AirGreen, we remain fully aware that Quebecers seek uniform comfort throughout their homes. This multi space function makes it possible to heat or cool several rooms in a uniform manner. This effect is achieved with a continuous airflow that allows the ambient air to reach the desired temperature gently and everywhere in your home. Since heat pumps and air conditioners can have multiple floors or just a very large space to cover, the indoor head doesn't stop circulating air when the immediate space reaches the desired temperature. You can rest assured of the harmony of temperature in the different rooms and floors of your home.


New refrigerant and energy efficiency

At AirGreen, we are proud to work in tandem with SHARP to provide solutions that are both reliable as well as environmentally responsible and sustainable. Most importantly for you, an efficient heat pump is also a reliable heat pump. Due to their high levels of efficiency and reliability, SHARP systems are among the very best for extreme climates such as the ones we face in Quebec.


At AirGreen, ecological sustainability is fundamental to our mission. Our new SHARP heat pumps and air conditioners align perfectly with our mission through the use of a new, more efficient and energy-efficient refrigerant. Indeed, AirGreen is proud to offer this series that protects the environment by reducing the energy footprint, which also protects your budget.

The new R32 refrigerant reduces greenhouse gases and reduces the electrical consumption of the appliance by around 10%. It is a refrigerant which therefore improves the efficiency of the mini split. This refrigerant has a much lower global warming potential than refrigerants commonly used in other heat pumps such as R-22. SHARP therefore offers a product that consumes less electricity and contributes to the fight against climate change.

SHARP Connectivity

Even before considering their excellent energy performance, the ZU series are systems with new technology that detects motion. Equipped with a motion sensor, your ZU heat pump sends you notifications when someone arrives at home and also lets you know when there is no movement in the room for an extended period of time. These options make it possible to optimize the use of your appliance by minimizing energy waste.



Real-time measurements

Through the smartphone app connected to the mini split,  you can check and adjust certain measures in real time. In addition to showing the user if someone is present in the room, the app also shows the temperature and humidity in real time.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

The app connected to the heat pump keeps a history of the use of the machine in order to allow you to see the electrical consumption of the heat pump.

Monthly and daily power consumption graphs are added to detailed graphs that allow you to check the power consumption through a single day.

SHARP's ability to monitor energy expenditure can help homeowners become aware of their habits in order to optimize them and avoid waste.

Multizone Option

This new series of SHARP also allows you to control the different heads inside your home.

For example, you can turn off all indoor units simultaneously even if you are not at home.

Remote locking

If you activate the GPS function of your cell phone, you can also benefit from GPS interlocking of your heat pump or air conditioner.

If you leave your home and leave the device turned on while you are away, the app will notify you that the system is on to give you a reminder to turn it off or adjust it if you wish.

When the GPS approaches your property, SHARP’s app will inform you of the ambient temperature to give you the chance to turn on the heat pump and choose a new target temperature.

SHARP and Energy Star Cold Climate®

  • This new line of SHARP products is certified by Energy Star ® to work in extreme cold, the cold that we invariably encounter in Montreal and Quebec.
  • ZU heat pumps are designed to perform efficiently even in very cold temperatures.
  • Compared to the most common heat pumps on the market, the ZU series offers an outdoor compressor that is more efficient in its electrical consumption. This allows ZU heat pumps to remain in operation until very cold in winter because they retain their heating capacity at more extreme temperatures.
  • If most heat pumps must be turned off at temperatures of -15oC, ZU heat pumps, certified "extreme cold" can heat your home to outdoor temperatures of -27oC.

Other Useful Function Modes


During the very worst and intense cold or hot weathers, the system is placed in heating or cooling mode, like any other heat pump. However, there are seasons with considerable temperature variations where you will sometimes need to heat and sometimes to cool.

To simplify operation and improve your comfort, SHARP systems have an “Auto Changeover” function that allows you to choose a desired room temperature without having to change between heating and cooling. The heat pump will switch from one mode to another depending on the outdoor and indoor temperature variations that occur.

Note that this feature is not available for multi-zone systems.

Self-cleaning Mode

Another added benefit of Plasmacluster technology is the ability that ions give the heat pump to resist mold creation inside unit. The use of a heat pump inevitably leads to the development of various molds. To counteract and minimize long-term mold damage, SHARP units use a feature that recirculates air and Plasmacluster ions inside the heat pump. This self-cleaning operation is effective in preventing and destroying mold and the odors associated with it. It is one of the many technologies that SHARP systems use to remain functional and extend their lifespan.

Winter Cool

SHARP heat pumps manage to perform tasks where other brands have to stop their work. In some exceptional cases, there may be a need to cool a room even if the outside temperature is not very high. For example, rooms for hot water or rooms where computer servers are kept must avoid overheating. “Winter Cool” mode allows SHARP air conditioners and heat pumps to be used in cooling mode down to outdoor temperatures of -10°C.


“Spot Air”

If you are instead looking to prioritize immediate comfort in a specific part of a room or space, you can do so using the “Spot Air” button on your SHARP heat pump or air conditioner. SHARP mini splits separate the space in front of the interior head into six zones. Users can choose a target area with the remote control. Only the selected area is quickly cooled or heated, saving you energy consumption when you don't wish to cool or heat your entire home.

Auto Restart

When you install and use a heat pump or air conditioner, power outages are almost certain to occur while your system is running. The SHARP heat pump is equipped with an automatic restart function that will allow the system to properly restart under the settings it before the power outage without the user having to do anything.

Customer Reviews

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Confortable et chaud

Je suis très content de notre unité. Il fait très froid, -25 et elle fonctionne bien

Mike Coutu (Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada)
Mini split

Airgreen made sure to help me select the right spot for placement in my house, which ended up being perfect! The whole place is well heated and cooled, and an 18 000 btu was perfect for our 900-1000 ft

S. Ranger (Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada)
Happy Heat Pump People!

Couldn't be happier with set-up. Using heat pump for air-conditioning and main heating in the house, everything works well! Thanks and Cheers!

Chen (Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada)
Sharp Mini-split Heat Pump

Quiet, efficient, exceeds expectations. Installation was prompt. Nice to have wifi with the app and all its features, very useful. I recommend Airgreen to everyone, nice people to work with

Sam Karimi (Laval, Quebec, Canada)
Very efficient cooling.

Super quiet and cools down our entire top floor. Had a chance to test the heating and cooling and it does a great job. I also feel the air quality difference in the house, I really recommend this machine to everyone! Airgreen is an amazing company to deal with!

Alberto ,Rossi (Brossard, Quebec, Canada)

Silencieux, extrêmement efficace et facile à utiliser. Je suis fan. En fait, c'est un fan, une unité AC et chauffage tout en un - très satisfait. Tout ça, sans compter la purification d’air!! Juste wow!

Sebastian Garcia (Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada)

Le design est excellent, la maison est fraîche et le bruit est inexistant!!

F. Tellier (Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada)
Excellente machine mini split

Rien à dire, vraiment un beau sentiment “premium”. Plus de fonctions que je croyais, vraiment top! Purification d’air, wifi, nettoyage automatique, application, tout est juste excellent!

Danielle Hénault (Brossard, Quebec, Canada)
TRÈS silencieux!!

C'est si calme; même l'unité extérieure est à peine audible ! Client très content, surtout avec l'installation par Airgreen!

E. Ali (Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada)
meilleure unité sur le marché

Fonctionne très très bien! Honnêtement, meilleur achat depuis les quelques dernières années!