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Mini Split Gree Lomo 23

  • Wall mounted heat pump Gree Lomo 23, 23 SEER, Distributed and Installed in Greater Montreal by AirGreen.

    GREE's LOMO 23 series is the solution to your cooling and heating needs all year round. The LOMO 23 wall-mounted heat pump is as aesthetic as it is affordable for your comfort needs.

    It's a safe choice at the best price thanks to the full 10-year warranty on everything offered directly by the manufacturer, GREE Canada. Indeed, everywhere in Greater Montreal, GREE offers 10 years warranty on the compressor, 10 years on parts and even 10 years on labor!

    In addition, the LOMO 23 is specially designed to cope with the particular conditions of the Canadian climate. In fact, this model of heat pump equipped with a heating element in the compressor (exterior unit) provides comforting heat to your home even in extreme cold, down to -25°C, without compromising heating performance and, above all, your well-being.

  • In Greater Montreal, the GREE LOMO 23 (23 SEER) wall-mounted heat pump series comes in five (5) different compressor sizes: 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 15,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU and 24,000 BTU.

    The models are also on the list of heat pumps eligible for provincial and federal grants, all up to $5,600 with Greener Homes.

    Making your accommodation as comfortable as possible is GREE's main mission! All their wall-mounted heat pumps are entrusted in Greater Montreal to the care of a network of certified contractors, refrigeration specialists with all the technical knowledge necessary to accompany you skillfully during your purchasing process, as well as for a professional installation essential for reliability, full warranty, and maximum performance for many years.


    ■ Patented GREE G10 Inverter Technology ■ Energy Star® Certified ■ Eligible for Federal Grants (Greener Homes) ■ Eligible for Provincial Grants (Hydro-Quebec Efficient Heat Pumps) ■ Precise 5-speed airflow control ■ Even start at low voltage ■ Fin with special anti-corrosion coating ■ Vertical oscillation of the flaps ■ Multi-speed fan (5 speeds) ■ High quality adjustable LED display ■ Easily washable dust filters ■ Reinforced steel casing (compressor) ■ Eco-responsible refrigerant R410A ■ WiFi module optional ■ Deshumidification