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Mural Mini Split Haxxair

  • HAXXAIR wall-mounted heat pumps are specially designed for Quebec winters! Manufactured by HISENSE! Distributed throughout Greater Montreal by AirGreen.

    Ultra-quiet mode : Based on the principles of airflow and acoustics, the HAXXAIR wall-mounted heat pump is built by optimizing the structure of the indoor air duct to reduce any nuisance. This technology effectively eliminates noise interference and allows your family to sleep undisturbed when the unit operates at night.

    Energy Savings : Using 3D inverter technology, optimized inner air duct, technologically advanced intergrooved tubing and thinner fins, HAXXAIR heat pumps gain energy efficiency, reducing 30% annual electricity consumption on your Hydro-Québec bills.

  • For harsh winters : HAXXAIR wall-mounted heat pumps are all equipped with a heating element in the condensation tray of the compressor (outdoor unit), in order to prevent the accumulation of ice and snow that can occur during the winter in Montreal. This promotes the flow of water through the drainage holes, minimizing the risk of ice.

    Special heating 8°C mode : When the climate becomes freezing, the special heating mode of the HAXAAIR heat pump keeps your house or chalet from freezing by maintaining a reasonable minimum temperature, allowing you to preserve your home while being away for long periods of time.