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How to activate WiFi on your Gree with GREE+ App

All Gree Wall Mounted Heat Pumps come with WiFi included or optional. It is possible to regulate your mini split's modes directly from your smartphone. It takes 2 minutes and will help you use your Gree at it's maximum capacity!

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Gree Mural Mini Split

  • GREE wall-mounted heat pump in Greater Montreal, distributed and installed by AirGreen.

    GREE is the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioners and heat pumps. One in three heat pumps worldwide is manufactured by GREE. With its eight international production bases, GREE can produce up to 28 million residential and 2 million commercial air conditioners per year! Many of them are sold in Quebec and Greater Montreal.

    GREE also self-produces all key components in-house for quality, consistency and control. Thus, GREE is also responsible for the research, design and development of the highest quality air conditioning and heating products in the world.

  • GREE is also an eco-social brand that puts its customers and society first. Over the past 20 years, GREE has donated more than $15 million to education, social welfare, and international disaster relief. Thus, the air conditioning and heating giant is there for people who may never buy its products, people in difficulty or in distress.

    The numbers speak for themselves! Since its inception in 1991, GREE has grown to astonishing numbers. Today, GREE offers more than 7,500 models divided into 450 series in 25 product categories. It is the number 1 on the world market since 2005 in the field of air conditioning and wall-mounted heat pumps, as well as central systems.