Énergir Québec Grants in Greater Montréal


Energir offers you subsidies and grants to facilitate the acquisition of superior energy-efficient appliances that are ENERGY STAR® certified or to allow the installation of energy efficient works and renovations in your home. Consult the different programs and options offered in Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec below to learn more about the grants available.

Énergir Grants everywhere in Greater Montreal

  • Grant to switch to dual energy

    Get a grant of up to $5,800 from Énergir Québec for a new dual-energy system!
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  • Subsidy for a condensing boiler

    Get a grant of up to $900 from Énergir Québec for a new condensing boiler!
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  • Grant for a condensing combo system

    Get a subsidy of up to $850 from Énergir Québec for a condensing combo system!
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  • Supplément pour ménages à faible revenu par Énergir logo quebec

    Supplement for low-income households

    Get up to double the amount of subsidy usually offered under Énergir's energy efficiency programs!
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  • Subvention pour un thermostat intelligent Wi-Fi ENERGY STAR® energir quebec

    Grant for an ENERGY STAR® Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

    Get up to $100 for a new ENERGY STAR® Wi-Fi smart thermostat by Énergir Québec!
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