Thermopompe murale SHARP

Collection: Wall Mounted Heat Pump SHARP

SHARP's unique Plasmacluster technology neutralizes airborne bacteria and viruses, deactivates and removes airborne molds and other contaminants.

Advantages of Plasmacluster

  • Suppresses airborne virus activity
  • Suppresses the activity of airborne microbes
  • Is effective all year round
  • Deactivates and removes airborne allergens, dead dust mites and their faeces
  • Deactivates and removes lingering odors (like tobacco smoke)
  • Removes static electricity that attracts suspended particles
  • Effectively combats adhering and airborne mold


Mold spores travel on clothing and through the air, and are apt to cause an allergic reaction if inhaled. Sharp's unique PLASMACLUSTER technology, along with the long-life HEPA filter included in each of the mini splits, catches 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. It is the ideal machine to fight allergies!

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