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Permits and Regulations : City of Westmount

If you are considering a project involving air conditioning, ventilation, or heating in Westmount, it is essential to inquire in advance about the need to obtain a permit.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to consult the current regulations regarding the installation of heat pumps or air conditioners to ensure compliant and hassle-free implementation!

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Some Categories of Residential Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning in City of Westmount

Some Of Our Partners in City of Westmount

Some of our installations in City of Westmount

  • Installation of a Gree FreeMatch Extreme DoubleZone Heat Pump in Westmount, Montreal

    Dive into a tale of silent power & meticulous installation with the Gree FreeMatch Extreme in Westmount! Uncover a story of challenges met, precision achieved, and a delighted customer basking...

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  • Installation of a Gree Crossover Wall-Mounted Heat Pump in Westmount, Montreal

    A quaint café in Westmount faced cooling woes. Enter AirGreen with the Gree Crossover Heat Pump. Dive into a tale of challenges, triumphs, and top-tier HVAC solutions!

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  • Installation of a Tosot Lomo 23 Mini Split in Westmount, Montreal

    Dive into a tale of transformation in Westmount with the Tosot Lomo 23 Mini Split! Silent, efficient, and grant-eligible, it’s a masterpiece installed by AirGreen for year-round comfort.

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  • Installation of a Fujitsu LMAH Wall-Mounted Heat Pump in Westmount, Montreal

    Dive into a tale of silent efficiency with AirGreen’s latest installation in Westmount, Montreal! Discover the Fujitsu LMAH, a whisper-quiet guardian of comfort with a 10-year warranty, ready to cool...

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Some of our Repair Services in City of Westmount

Some Categories of Commercial Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning in City of Westmount

Some of our Cleaning services in City of Westmount

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AirGreen: Elevating HVAC Standards in Westmount, Montréal

  • Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Montréal is Westmount, a locale that seamlessly marries historic charm with modern sophistication. At AirGreen, we resonate with this harmony, striving to enhance the living and working experiences of this community through our unparalleled HVAC services. As a family-owned entity with deep roots in Montréal, our legacy spans across Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, and South Shore. Yet, our passion and dedication shine brightest in Westmount, where we've transformed countless indoor spaces into havens of comfort.

    Westmount and AirGreen: A Symphony of Comfort and Elegance

    For us, Westmount isn't just a service area—it's a canvas where we paint our commitment to excellence. From the historic Victorian homes dotting The Boulevard to the contemporary commercial hubs along Saint Catherine Street, our touch ensures optimal indoor climates, mirroring the external elegance.

    Our Expansive Suite of HVAC Services in Westmount

    • Bespoke Installation Solutions: Beyond standard installations, we offer bespoke HVAC solutions. Whether it's retrofitting a vintage home with a ductless system or integrating a zoned HVAC setup in a modern condo, our installations are tailored, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic harmony.
    • Preventive Maintenance & Rapid Repairs: Our preventive maintenance is a blend of diagnostics and foresight, ensuring your systems run at peak efficiency. And when the unexpected strikes, our rapid response teams, armed with cutting-edge tools, ensure swift resolutions.
    • Commercial HVAC Excellence: Westmount's commercial landscape is diverse, and so are our solutions. From custom ventilation systems for restaurants to advanced climate control in office spaces, our commercial HVAC prowess caters to varied needs with precision.
    • Advanced Cleaning & System Optimization: Our cleaning transcends surface-level dusting. We delve deep, ensuring every coil, duct, and filter is pristine. This meticulous approach not only enhances air quality but also boosts system efficiency and longevity.
    • Indoor Air Quality Mastery: With rising environmental concerns, indoor air quality is paramount. Our range encompasses advanced air purifiers, UV light systems to neutralize pathogens, and smart ventilation solutions that ensure a continuous influx of fresh, purified air.
    • Energy Efficiency Consultations: Beyond immediate comfort, we offer consultations to optimize energy consumption. From recommending high-efficiency systems to calibrating existing setups, we ensure your comfort doesn't come at an environmental or financial premium.
  • The AirGreen Edge: Why We Stand Apart

    1. A Legacy of Trust: Our family-owned heritage is a beacon of trust and commitment. It's a testament to generations of excellence and the countless relationships we've nurtured over the decades.
    2. Holistic HVAC Expertise: Our team is a blend of seasoned veterans and dynamic young experts, ensuring a fusion of experience and innovation. This holistic expertise ensures we're adept at both time-tested solutions and the latest HVAC innovations.
    3. Local Heart, Global Pulse: While our heart beats for Westmount, our vision is global. We're constantly attuned to global HVAC advancements, ensuring Westmount benefits from world-class innovations.
    4. End-to-End Care: Our relationship with clients doesn't end post-installation. We believe in enduring partnerships, offering round-the-clock support, and periodic check-ins to ensure consistent comfort.
  • A Deep Dive into the HVAC Universe

    HVAC is more than a service—it's a science, an art, and at times, a symphony of both. At AirGreen, we're passionate maestros of this domain. We understand the thermodynamics of heating, the fluid dynamics of ventilation, and the intricate dance of components in air conditioning. This profound knowledge, combined with our passion, ensures every solution is a masterpiece of efficiency, tailored for Westmount's unique needs.

    In Conclusion: Your Sanctuary of Comfort

    In the heart of Montréal, Westmount stands as a testament to timeless elegance and modern aspirations. And in this narrative, AirGreen is the silent guardian, ensuring every indoor space is a sanctuary of comfort, efficiency, and well-being. When you choose us, you're not just opting for an HVAC service—you're embracing a legacy of excellence, a commitment to the future, and a promise of unparalleled comfort.

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