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Welcome to AirGreen’s FANTECH Air Exchanger Collection

  • At AirGreen, we’re all about optimizing indoor environments, promoting well-being, and pioneering sustainability. As an esteemed HVAC company based in Montréal, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our extensive range of FANTECH Air Exchangers. Crafted with advanced technology, these air exchangers promise unparalleled air quality, robust performance, and energy efficiency.

    Harnessing the Power of FANTECH

    FANTECH is a leading brand in the HVAC industry, celebrated for its innovative, reliable, and high-quality products. Their air exchangers are meticulously engineered to replace stale indoor air with fresh, filtered outdoor air. Simultaneously, they control humidity and temperature levels, creating a healthier and more comfortable indoor atmosphere. Choosing a FANTECH air exchanger from AirGreen means choosing superior air quality, significant energy savings, and a durable solution.

    Breathe in Superior Air Quality

    FANTECH Air Exchangers, available at AirGreen, provide unbeatable indoor air quality. Equipped with sophisticated filtration systems, these units meticulously remove dust, allergens, pollutants, and unpleasant odors, ensuring you breathe in clean, fresh, and healthy air.

  • Energy Efficiency Personified

    Reflecting our commitment at AirGreen to sustainable solutions, FANTECH air exchangers are designed for maximum energy efficiency. By controlling the temperature and humidity of incoming air, these units reduce the need for additional heating or cooling—resulting in impressive energy savings and lower utility bills.

    Robust Performance All Year Round

    FANTECH air exchangers are lauded for their robust performance. Engineered to operate effectively even in demanding conditions, they ensure optimal air exchange while maintaining the perfect balance of temperature and humidity for your comfort.

    Durability that Delivers

    Quality and longevity are at the heart of FANTECH’s design philosophy. By utilizing durable, premium-grade components, FANTECH air exchangers are built to last. This guarantees that with minimal maintenance, your FANTECH air exchanger will provide unwavering service for many years.

  • FANTECH Models: Tailored to Your Needs

    Understanding that every home or office has unique HVAC requirements, we offer an extensive selection of FANTECH models. Whether you need an air exchanger for a compact apartment or a large commercial building, we have the perfect solution for you.

    Compact Units with Mighty Performance: VHR 70, VHR 70R ES, VHR 100R ES, and FLEX 100H ES

    These models are designed for smaller spaces. Despite their compact size, they deliver powerful air exchange performance, ensuring your smaller homes or offices enjoy fresh and clean air.

    Mid-Sized Wonders: VHR 150, VHR 150R, VHR 200R EC, VHR 200R, FIT 120E, and FIT 120H

    The mid-sized models are perfect for medium-sized homes or small offices. They boast superior air exchange capabilities and remarkable energy efficiency, delivering fresh air without requiring extensive space.

  • Superior Air Exchange for Larger Spaces: SHR 150, SHR 150R, SHR 2004, SHR 2005R, and SHR 3005R, SHR 3205RD

    Designed for larger homes, commercial buildings, and industrial environments, these models provide high-volume air exchange and exceptional energy efficiency. They ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, regardless of space size.

    AirGreen’s Installation, Service, and Support

    At AirGreen, we take pride in offering not only top-quality FANTECH air exchangers but also professional installation, maintenance, and exceptional customer service.

    Professional Installation

    Our highly trained technicians ensure your FANTECH air exchanger is installed with precision and is functioning optimally, right from the start.

    Regular Maintenance for Uninterrupted Performance

    Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your FANTECH air exchanger functioning at its best. Our team provides thorough servicing, including cleaning, inspection, and any necessary repairs or replacements.

  • Exceptional Customer Support

    At AirGreen, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist with any queries or issues, ensuring you receive swift, effective solutions.

    Choose AirGreen, Choose FANTECH

    When you choose a FANTECH air exchanger from AirGreen, you're investing in superior air quality, unmatched energy efficiency, robust performance, and long-lasting durability. Enjoy the benefits of a healthier, fresher, and more comfortable indoor environment with AirGreen and FANTECH.

    Embark on your journey towards improved indoor air quality. Explore our range of FANTECH air exchangers today! Remember, a healthier home or office starts with clean, fresh air. And clean, fresh air starts with AirGreen and FANTECH.