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Mini Split Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners

AirGreen, our highly specialized and family-owned company has been selling and installing ventilation, heating, and air conditioning solutions for almost twenty years now.
Our focus when providing customers with Mini Split systems is always to provide the highest-quality equipment from world-renowned giants. AirGreen partners with industry-leading brands that have long symbolized the high quality and development of advanced technologies. When we install products from legendary brands such as  “Lennox”, "Gree", "Tosot" “Kool King”, “Zephyr”, “TTI Elite”, “Air Tempo”, “Comfortmaker”, Goodman”, “LG”, and “Concerto” and more, our clients are left with the peace of mind of knowing they obtained the latest in heating and cooling technology.
When working with our partners and suppliers, we ensure that the units we go on to sell and install are characterized by essential traits:

  • Excellent functionality
  • Highest standards of quality in equipment pieces
  • Production by advanced modern technologies with the latest global industrial developments
  • Blue-ribbon abrasion resistance
  • Superior operating period
  • First-rate reliability

Our Mini Split heat pumps and air conditioners (Mini Splits) can provide a first-class retrofit of any apartment or house that still use non-capital heating systems such as hydronic (hot-water heating) systems, space heaters (wood, propane, kerosene), and radiant panels. 

Our air conditioners and Mini Split Heat Pumps are an exceptional and strategic choice for additional rooms and areas where it is not feasible to expand or install new distribution channels. In addition, they represent a smart solution for modern constructions which are tailor made for compact air conditioning systems.
Just like typical air-source heat pumps, Mini Splits can boast having certain main components:

  • An indoor air-handling unit
  • An outdoor condenser or compressor
  • A conduit which stocks the condensate drain, the power cable, the suction tubing, the refrigerant tubing and the link between the indoor and outdoor units

The main benefits of Mini Splits

Our Mini Splits have the following advantages:

  • Small and compact sizing
  • Energy sufferers which accompany the ductwork of central forced air systems
  • Ease of installation
  • Higher interior design
  • Availability of floor models

Why should you choose AirGreen?

Here at AirGreen, we buy all models of air conditioners, ventilation, and heating systems directly from their production companies. When you buy equipment from us, you get a 100 % quality guarantee and protection of authenticity. We deal with the sale and installation of exclusively original systems of ventilation, heating, and air conditioning.
If you choose to order one of our website’s presented models, you will not only receive products from industry-leading, high-quality brands, but also a first-class installation. Our installation specialists are real professionals in their business. We prioritize customer service and satisfaction. We believe that it is essential for customers to have installers who are not merely experts in their work, but that will be familiar with the specialized industry and climate techniques.